How Fidgeting Helps You Lose Weight?


How Fidgeting Helps You Lose Weight?

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In school or college there must have been at least one friend of yours who couldn’t sit still during the lectures. Remember? Or are you that person? :P. Lecturers used to scream, ‘Stop fidgeting with your pen and pay attention here!’ Poor lecturers, it seems as though they were troubled souls. But I realized that only now!

woman-fidgeting-How Fidgeting Helps You Lose Weight

Talking about fidgeting, it can be called a good habit for those who want to lose weight even while being a terrible habit for a student. Those of you who are having a tough time losing weight because you can’t run 10 kms a day or you can’t live purely on salads, don’t try to give up so fast. Things as basic as fidgeting regularly all through the day can help you get rid of unwanted fat. It is one activity that lean people do in their daily life and which helps them maintain a svelte figure. Just observe the lean figured people around you and you may find many people who constantly keep fidgeting at things.

This fact has been confirmed by a study carried out at Mayo Clinic. It was said that fidgeting can help the obese in losing weight. The head researcher blamed the sedentary lifestyle of people behind the alarmingly high rates of obesity. In the study obese people were asked to control their diet for 11 weeks throughout the year while wearing sensors the whole day. During this time period, they were asked to sit less and be more fidgety. Those who followed the instructions were able to easily knock off some extra kilos. Isn’t this just great? Losing weight by fidgeting around seems to be a good idea!

Here’s how to lose weight by fidgeting, provided you follow a healthy diet and don’t indulge in binge eating.

1) Walk and talk

Negative effects of mobiles

While you attend a call on your mobile phone, avoid being seated at one place. Get and walk around instead, be it your office or your house. Like if you have a 20 min conversation, you would have had a 20 min walk! It saves time too!

2) Be active while watching TV or working on a laptop

When you watch TV or work on your laptop, try wriggling your ankles and toes every now and then. While sitting tap your feet more often and try not to sit at one place for than 1 hour. Always remember to get up often and walk around for a few minutes.

3) Do your work yourself

Don’t depend on your maid or your kids to get you things. Get up and turn off the light or switch on the fan. After finishing a meal get up and keep your plates in the kitchen sink yourself instead of asking somebody else to do it. If your door bell rings, you should get up and answer it yourself.

4) Stretch more often

Simple Stretches at work

Stretch your body more often between work or while staying at home. Do it after every hour or so.

You see, doing these little things on a regular basis will help burn extra calories and will reduce your weight! So, what are you waiting for? Just include these little tweaks in your lifestyle and watch the magic.

Hope this post was informative!

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