How To Fight Arthritis Without Medication?


Here’s How To Fight Arthritis Without Medication

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You would immediately think of the elderly when you hear the word ‘arthritis’. It is not your fault as you are conditioned to visualize it in older adults. However, you would be shocked to know that even youngsters can get affected. In fact, by 2030, around 580 million people (age 18+) would get affected by arthritis worldwide. Isn’t that scary?


Medication for arthritis provides only temporary relief and it is quite strong. Moreover, they can damage the gut without reaching the root cause of the problem. You need not panic as there is a way to deal with the condition. The good news is that inflammation can be reduced without the need of medication. Yes, you can fight arthritis without popping pills!

There are many different kinds of arthritis. But no matter what kind you have, it is essential to know that it can get worse when there is inflammation in the body.

Heal joints by healing the gut

People talk a lot about gut health and its connection with the several other things in the body. You must be aware of the little guys (friendly bacteria) residing in your gut. There have been studies that confirm that arthritis begins in the gut. This directly means that to heal your joints, you need to pay attention to your gut. You can start by consuming probiotics everyday to get rid of malicious microbes. Read about probiotics here – click!

Consume anti-inflammatory foods

Anti Inflammatory Diet - Which Foods To Eat

The connection between the foods you consume, your gut bacteria and the pain you have is very strong. It is best advised that you consume foods that help fight inflammation. This includes organic produce, high fibre foods and healthy fats. You need to stay away from refined sugar, red meat and dairy.

Here are a few guidelines, you need to stick to:

  • Consume more fibre, micronutrients and plant nutrients. In other words, eat more fruits and veggies, and chose organic produce whenever possible.
  • Remove hydrogenated fats and refined oils from your diet and add in healthy fats.
  • If you eat meat, improve the quality of it by going in for free-range chicken, low mercury fish, grass-fed beef and the like.
  • Say no to food dyes, excess salt and preservative containing foods. In short, limit processed food.

Take the time out to fight stress

Kapalbhati-Pranayama yoga kriya

Trauma and stress are two main triggers for diseases like arthritis. In the never-ending rush of life, you cannot seem to miss out on a deadline or a meeting. It is very uncommon to see someone taking some time for himself and relaxing. Both diet and stress cause chronic diseases and inflammation in the gut. So, to heal arthritis the natural way, you need to allot time for activities that reduce stress. You can do yoga, meditation, long walks (in green parks!) And maintain a diary to pour your heart out. Such activities will help ease the mind and reduce stress.

I hope the inputs to fight arthritis will set you on the track of recovery. However, the above does not take precedence over the advice of a medical practitioner.

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