Fight food cravings with yoga


Fight food cravings with yoga

Hi all,

Food is omnipresent, it makes us happy, it makes us feel better, it makes us stronger and food makes us look beautiful. I do a lot of food planning, the menu for week ahead, so that I don’t fall for a pizza which my husband usually tries to lure me 😉 But when it comes to food I have a very strong will, except when I see Indian sweets, thanks to the fact that there is less access to all those here in the UK.

When we do yoga, our body generates happy hormones making us feel very confident and delighted. That goes for any exercise, but with yoga especially we get a sense of fullness and more connected to our body and soul.

1. Winter woes, fight with yoga asanas:

Have you noticed putting on weight during winter months, do you know why? The reason is that sun exposure is less and we crave for food due to deficiency of serotonin. We often see indulging ourselves in winters or wanting comfort foods, it can be daunting, happens with everyone. To curb such desires, practicing yoga helps you relieves. It adds a sensibility in your mind and keeps your body warm, you will automatically see that you reach out for a cup of green tea in the noon, a handful of nuts instead of salty snacks.


2. Can get rid of the binge eating disorder:


Sometimes, people indulge in binge eating, emotional eating, boredom eating and it is normal. I used to fall for emotional eating, as I used to be very sensitive, but now I have controlled my self as I practice yoga, I don’t give myself time to think about what people have to comment about me, I consider myself lucky with what ever I have.

With yoga, we get peace of mind, it makes us aware and when we are full senses and can decide what is right and what is wrong for us, you will automatically shun dense calorie rich food as a habit. I am not saying you should not eat such things at all, but with an emotional baggage you are not doing any good to yourself.

3. Body signals when it is full:

With regular practice our bodies become aware, our digestive responds well to foods that suit us and foods that don’t and this makes us is a much happier state. I have heard people telling me that they often get bloated stomach, heart burns etc. I often see people not noticing; when their tummy is full, this leads to many problem including obesity. However, with a proper routine, you can help yourself to a healthy you.

eating lady

4. Modifies regular eating habits:

cravingsDo you wake up to a cup of bed tea with some biscuits and often skip breakfast, do you eat out often and stock up your kitchen cupboards with more of processed foods rather than fresh food! It is a very common problem in the busy lives of today, people tend to adopt short cuts to ease life. I understand that you are busy, but with proper planning you can help yourself and with yoga our mind gets a clarity, we get at peace, with proper breathing techniques we feel that we owe something to our body and thus work towards it.

After all, we owe our body a responsibility, it does so much for us, we also need to nourish it and take care of it!

love Vrinda

Are you ready to fight food cravings with yoga?

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