7 Ways To Fight Inflammation


Ways To Fight Inflammation

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Chronic inflammation can be really bad for your body as it leads to a number of diseases. The best way to prevent or treat chronic inflammation is by consuming a lot of anti-inflammatory foods. You can read about an anti-inflammatory diet here- click! However, that is not it. You will need to make other lifestyle changes as well.  Here is what you should be doing:

How to fight inflammation?

1) Avoid consuming antibiotics and antacids


These medications can alter your gut and harm your microbiome. If you are wondering what microbiome is, let me tell you that it refers to the trillions of little fellows (friendly bacteria) that do a range of tasks like taking care of the digestion of food to regulation of the immune system. Now, medicines like antibiotics and antacids cause inflammation leading to a leaky gut, which can in turn lead to chronic inflammation all over the body.

2) Value the mind-body connection


It is scientifically proven that a basic meditation practice along with other approaches like yoga and tai chi can help in improving your health. The mind-body therapies help in reducing markers of inflammation, according to several studies. Your meditation need not last for hours. Even a 5 to 10 minute meditation session can be beneficial.

3) Regular exercise

tap-backs best exercise to lose weight

Researchers have followed more than 4000 middle aged people for around 10 years and have found that those who did at least 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise every week lowered the markers of inflammation by around 12%. This did not take their weight or body mass index into account.

4) Reducing exposure to toxins

Toxins found in shower and skin care products

When the immune system senses foreign bodies including environmental toxins, it can react by inflammation. Stay away from the toxins that are in personal care products and use natural cleansers. Put a stop to herbicides and pesticides and switch to organic food.

5) Sleep longer

woman dreaming sleeping

According to research, reducing your sleep for even a few hours every night can trigger inflammation. You should aim for at least 7 hours of sound sleep each night. For better sleep, it would be better to turn off electronic devices before bedtime and use curtains that don’t let the light outside into your sleeping space.

6) Get the some sun

Sun- Do you suffer from body heat

Overexposure can harm your skin but ‘sun phobia’ can also be bad for your health. You need natural vitamin D from the sunlight as it is a crucial immunity modulator. A deficiency of vitamin D is linked with inflammation. So, make sure that you spend 10 to 15 mins in the sun every day.

7) Enjoy a massage

deep-tissue-massage for complete relaxation

If a massage is something that gives you heaven like bliss, you should go for it more often. According to research it can lower chances of inflammation. Escape into the comfort of a massage as often as possible. Think of it as a therapy.

Follow these 7 simple lifestyle tweaks and watch your chronic inflammation bid adieu to you. If you are healthy, you can prevent from getting into the clutches of chronic inflammation.

Hope you found this post on ways to fight inflammation useful!

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