Fighting Breast Cancer With Healthy Diet


Fighting Breast Cancer With Healthy Diet

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Fighting Breast Cancer With Healthy Diet

Few days back I was browsing a health magazine and I came across a page which said breast cancer on the rise! This one sentence left many questions in my mind. And after doing a little more research I found that 70% of women who have cancer are actually cases of breast cancer. Cancer is a life threatening disease and eats up within the body like a monster! Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in the body usually triggered by a damage to the DNA.

Fighting Breast Cancer With Healthy Diet

So what exactly are the causes of cancer? Could it be our stressful and fast lifestyle? Or wrong eating habits? Individual causes for breast cancer may vary, but I have listed a few common causes.

  1. Wrong eating habits.

And what do I actually mean by this? A lot of the foods we consume today are packed, tinned or frozen. Gone are the good old days when women plucked fresh fruits and veggies from their gardens and ate them. Today we have everything ready and on the go!  These processed foods are loaded with all kind of food colors, preservatives, stabilizers, acidity regulators, which overtime begin to accumulate in our body and cause damage to the DNA which gives wrong instructions to the body and hence abnormal growth of cells.

  1. Cell phones.

cell phone and breast cancer

 Yes that’s right. Cell phones are a major cause for our DNA damage. Our cell phones gives out radiations strong enough to cause abnormalities in the cell functioning. Now you may wonder that when all women use phones why only a few suffer from this disease? This is because it all depends on the amount and frequency of usage of phones. the same principle goes for microwave ovens as the radiations that it emits to heat the food are harmful.

  1.  Hereditary.

breast cancer and heredity

Out of all the causes of cancer, one cause which cannot be avoided is hereditary. If you have a family history of cancer, all you can do to save yourself is avoid the other causes and try to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle followed by regular health checkups.

  1. Smoking/alcohol.

As I mentioned earlier anything that damages our DNA is a strong reason for breast cancer, And smoking and alcohol not only damages the DNA but also alters the normal metabolism. It increases the circulating carcinogens in the body.

breast-cancer alcohol and smoking

Having said so much about the causes of breast cancer, here are a few diet modifications which will not only help prevent cancer but also get it in control and can also be followed post treatment of cancer.

  • Increase the amount of antioxidant in the diet which will protect the DNA against damage. Foods rich in antioxidants include: broccoli, red and yellow peppers, cooked tomato, green tea, water melon, garlic, onion, pomegranate, berries, black grapes.
  • Avoid consuming packaged foods that have a whole lot of artificial substances added to them. Eat seasonal and local foods that are fresh. Always read the label of the product to make sure what the ingredients include.

breast cancer and processed food

  • Consume foods that have a good amount of fiber. Fiber binds to the carcinogens and throws them out of the body.
  • Flax seeds and salmon fish are a good source of omega 3. Omega 3 helps to prevent DNA damage. Include flax seed powder in your food by adding it to smoothies, yoghurt, curries.
  • Say a big no to red meat, pork, beef and chicken. Research shows that these foods lead to an increase in tumor growth.
  • Soybean is known to contain phyto estrogens which help to protect against cancer. Tofu, soya milk, soya flour, are all beneficial for protection against cancer.

 Although these diet tips are in general, it should be kept in mind that regular checkups and self breast examination are important. For those who are diagnosed with cancer, the medications cause a taste alteration and reduction in appetite. In such a situation light soups made of fresh veggies should be taken along with fresh juices.

Cancer is a deadly disease and being women fighting and help others fight it too should be our aim! So take care and stay updated about your health.

Hope this article Fighting Breast Cancer With Healthy Diet, helped you or anyone else suffering from cancer! Take care!