Top 5 Fitness And Ageing Mistakes


Top 5 Fitness And Ageing Mistakes

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Fitness and ageing are related. The way you live your youth and middle age affects your fitness levels and your ageing. You can age unhealthily if you are not careful with your diet and exercise. For instance too much consumption of sugar loaded desserts can lead to early ageing. There are many mistakes that you commit and are probably unaware of! Here are the top 5 diet and fitness mistakes you commit that you should avoid to age well.

old women- gaining weight with age

1) You overdo the sweet dishes

When you consume too much of sugary stuff, the process of breaking the sugar down damages the collagen. Collagen is what helps in keeping your skin firm and smooth. So, to avoid the collagen from getting damaged, you need to consume foods that have a low GI. You can even sweeten your food with natural sweeteners such as stevia.

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2) You say a big no to fat, carbs and calories

When your diet is not balanced, it will reflect on your nails, skin and hair! If you don’t eat fats, it can have a negative impact on processes like cell division, cell regeneration. It can also adversely affect the skin tone and texture. The ageing body requires fatty acids, which cannot be produced by the body on its own. Being a part of the brain’s building blocks, foods like fish, cereals, whole grains and oils can help in preventing loss of memory.

macronutrients-carbs, protein, fat

3) You miss out on essential nutrients

Do you know that minerals like magnesium and copper are essential for the health of your joint cartilage and flexibility? Joint problems are common in old age; by consuming the required micro and macro nutrients that eliminate pain and add strength to your joints, you are doing a favour to your joints. Include foods such as nuts, lean protein and spinach in your diet.

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings nuts

4) You don’t lift weights

It is said that a 30 year old man can lose 25% of his muscle mass and strength by 70 and another 25% by the age of 90. Strength training can brilliantly help older adults regain lost muscle mass and strength. Loss in muscle mass in old age can affect the body in several ways. When your muscles are stronger, they can pick better nutrients and oxygen from the blood. It means that any kind of activity puts less pressure on your heart. Further, strength training helps you burn 8-10 calories per minute. Weight training can boost your resting metabolism as well as muscle power.

Woman-Lifting-Weight building lean muscle

5) You don’t allow yourself to take rest

If your exercise routine happens to be intense, it is required that you take days off in order to avoid overuse and injury; you may even get the symptoms of overtraining such as disturbed sleep. Not giving your body a break can result in increased resting heart rate, reduced hunger and interrupted menstrual cycle. So, it becomes essential to plan your exercise routine well. There has to be a balance between breakdown and recovery or else the muscles may suffer from chronic inflammation.

Nobody likes ageing but it is a universal truth and the truth is always bitter 🙁 Keep the above things in mind and try to avoid committing these mistakes so that you age in a healthy manner.

Hope this post was informative!

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