How Effective Are Fitness Apps?


How Effective Are Fitness Apps? Find Out!

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In this world of smart phones things can be done just at the tap of a finger. These phones are a wonderful tool for monitoring fitness and diet goals through fitness apps. They help in giving constant reminders and make it easy for you to check your progress. However, they have their own set of disadvantages too. First let us look at the advantages.

Advantages of fitness apps

1) Compatible with most smart phones

There are a huge variety of fitness and health apps that are well suited to almost every OS. Many people having phones with different OS are being benefitted because of this.

2) Free workout ideas

When you don’t have the time for a gym or trainer, you can seek the refuge of fitness apps to get a huge variety of workouts for all levels of fitness. These workouts are mostly quite effective and the workout tips are easy to follow.

3) Set your fitness goals

The fitness tracking apps allow you to set your goals and also track your progress. There is even regular motivation in case you are off track. It is almost like having a personal trainer.

4) Daily diet and monitoring of calories

Some apps help in managing your diet and calorie intake. Foods are listed with the number of calories in them and their nutritional information.

5) Variety of workout options

Fitness applications have workout options ranging from pilates, aerobics, cross-fit training and kickboxing, There are also focused muscle workouts. With so many options, you can change your workout if you get bored of one particular routine.

Fitness Apps

Disadvantages of fitness apps

1) More chances for errors, injuries and diet information that is inaccurate

You can make a mistake while working out without the right kind of guidance. It can lead to injuries. Also, the diet data available on your app can also be out of date and inaccurate.

2) Apps are underdeveloped

There are apps that let people scan the barcode of food items and record it in a digital diary. However, sometimes the scanner cannot find the product and needs constant updating. Also you cannot edit the food quantities consumed by you. For instance, if you wanted to record that you consumed less than 100 g of a food, the app just won’t let you edit that.

3) Internet dependability

Apps work on the go but when there is no internet signal, it becomes impossible to log on and save data on your app.

4) Calorie counting may not be right

Calorie counting appears to be the easiest way to lose weight but different foods affect the body differently. 2 different diets having the same amount of calories but varying nutrients i.e. fat, protein and carbs can have a very different satiety effect. Thus, it is essential that you focus on other factors too and not just on the calorie part. Apps are unaware of the medical issues you have and the effect of certain foods on the body.

This does not mean that you must not download fitness apps on your phone. It is just that don’t depend on them totally.

Hope you found this post on fitness apps useful!

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