Top 5 Fitness Bands In India Under INR 2000


Top 5 Fitness Bands In India Under INR 2000

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All of us want to be healthy but do not invest much on it in terms of money or time. You are on a constant look out for a shortcut to become healthy, right? Using a fitness band might not necessarily be a ‘shortcut’ but it can be a simple way to help you move towards your fitness goal.

However, fitness bands can be an expensive affair. We Indians are always penny wise and that is why here is a list of fitness bands that are reasonably priced. This way you can buy them without burning a hole in your pocket.

5 Fitness Bands In India Under Rs.2000

1) Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness band

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the updated version of Xiaomi Mi Band and comes with lots of added features that were absent in the earlier version. The band has a heart rate monitor and a touch screen OLED display. With a battery backup of 20 days, it helps you in tracking and monitoring calories, distance covered by you as well as your sleep hours. You simply need the Fit Band app on your smart phone (both android and iOS).

It costs INR 1,999

2) GOQii Life

Goqii fitness tracker

GOQii Life fitness band offers holistic healthy lifestyle coaching which promises a good balance of the mind, body and soul. The band has advanced algorithms and motion sensors that will not only track your steps, sleep hours and distance covered but also karma points, nutrition and general lifestyle. It has a personal coach subscription also.

It costs INR 1999 with a 3 month subscription of coach and INR 2999 with a 6 month subscription.

3) Yu Fit


Yu fit is designed and priced in such a way that it emerges as a competitor for Mi band. It works fine with the Healthifyme app. It has an OLED display that shows activity record, as well as the time and task reminders. This pocket friendly band will track your steps sleep, calories and hire fitness experts according to your budget.

It costs INR 999 only!

4) HealthSense PD-102 Pedometer Smart watch

HealthSense-PD-102-Smart-3D-Pedometer-Watch fitness band

Are you not a fan of fitness bands? Don’t worry! What if we gave you something that looks like a regular digital watch but can also monitor your calories and steps? You heard that right! The HealthSense PD-102 Pedometer is a smart watch that does all the fitness tracking for you and nobody will feel that you are a health freak. It has a large and clear display that can store information for up to 7 days. However, it does not have a heart rate monitor or an app support.

It costs INR 1699.

5) Enerz Go fit

Enerz Go fit fitness band

This fitness band helps you in analyzing your sleep patterns and provides you with data about your sleep quality. It has a storage of 7 days and a battery backup of 2 weeks. This budget-friendly band has a higher accuracy than Yu Fit. However, it is not water proof.

It is available for INR 1149

So, these were 5 Fitness Bands In India Under Rs.2000. Choose a fitness band that suits your needs and stay fit! I am sure it will help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Hope this post on affordable fitness bands in India has been useful!

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