Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Hyderabad


Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Hyderabad

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Hyderabad- the Char Minar city has a lot of health clubs, spas and fitness centres. If you want to escape from the hustle-bustle of day to day life you can visit the spas that will totally soothe you down. If you are a fitness freak and want to sculpt your body you can go to the gyms for rigorous workouts. Let us know about top fitness centers,health clubs and gyms in Hyderabad.

Dinaz’s Fitness Studio

Dinaz’s fitness studio is all about getting personal with the studio members as each member is given a personal trainer! The staff is well trained in fitness programmes that are certified by Reebok and other prestigious institutes. They don’t just offer a generalized gym in this fitness studio. There is a solid focus on fitness and having fun.

The aerobics class is made more attractive by adding Bollywood moves and Zumba steps. They constantly keep experimenting with the various elements and every aerobics class is a surprise for the members. They have an exclusive fitness solution for would- be- brides and it is designed to enable a woman shed 12 kgs in 12 weeks.

Nirva Spa

Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Hyderabad

Nirva is about relaxing your senses completely. This spa has a peaceful ambience with typical Thai decors. Along with Thai treatments they also offer European, Oriental and Swedish treatments.

Their unique feature is the hydrotherapy section with naturally lit therapy rooms. The body is detoxified using seaweed in the detoxification bath. To ease fatigue and help the body to relax there is a revitalizing bath.

There is a special Nirva hot stone therapy involving a massage with lava stones that melts away stress and relaxes muscles. They also have body scrubs that help in revitalizing the skin.

O2 Spa

The O2 Spa has rainforest like interiors. There is a calming sound of flowing water with dim lights. You would feel as if you are right in the middle of an actual rainforest right in the middle of the city! There are 7 therapy rooms filled with sandal wood and lemon grass fragrances. The treatments offered here range from Thai, Balinese, Swedish and European massages to aromatherapy.

They have a special jetlag recovery package that includes a deep cleansing facial and a Swedish massage that will help in reduce your tiredness.

Snap fitness

snap fitness

Snap fitness health club have their health centre in Hyderabad too. It is affordable and convenient. The staff has certified trainers and also experienced nutritionists. They offer a personalized wellness plan which is customized as per the needs of the client in order to help them achieve their fitness, well being and health goals. Another plus point is that they are open 24×7!


The gyms at Talwalkars are spacious with plush interiors and world-class equipments with a certified team of trainers, physiotherapists and dieticians. The facilities offered here are Cardio training, aerobics, steam/sauna bath, weight training, yoga, spinning studio and Spa.


Soul is a wonderful wellness centre that is all about the mind body and soul. You hit the gym here or if you want to get pampered, the doors of the spa are open. There are de-stressing massages and also massages that improve the circulation of blood. They also have a bath involving steam and scrubbing which is a Turkish type hamam bath. If you are interested in Bikram yoga you can join their Bikram hot yoga class that is meant for weight loss with the temperature of the room being 42 degrees C.

Latitudes Pro

Latitudes Pro is among the first complete wellness centres to have come up in Hyderabad. There is a health café too that offers healthy and nutritious snacks, beverages and salads all day long. The health club is all set with the latest equipments for both cardio and strength training. They offer group classes in yoga, kickboxing, aerobics amd Zumba which are quite popular here. The spa here is one among the high end spas of Hyderabad with a lot of varied treatments from around the world. They also have a shop from where you can purchase fitness products and sports accessories.

Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga Studio

Bharat thakur yoga at hyderabad

For the yoga freaks, this is THE place. Here the focus is not just on getting people into shape but also helping them live a life sans diseases. The classes have a warm-up session followed by stretching of the entire body and getting ready for a complete workout.

There is Suryanamaskar and then training for toning and weight loss. There are various other sessions too. The session ends with meditation.

Artistic yoga works on your flexibility, coordinative ability, strength, endurance, and mental agility.

Hope you find this list of Top Fitness Centers,Health Clubs And Gyms In Hyderabad useful.