Top 4 Fitness Hacks For Summer Vacations


4 Fitness Hacks For Summer Vacations

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Summer vacation on your mind? It can be pretty tough for running enthusiasts. On one hand they are on an off and think that they have lots of time to run. But on the other hand, the demands of the family, too much travelling and probably even jet lag can play spoilsport. However, you need not lose heart as with a bit of smart planning you can sneak in some amount of exercise so that you don’t fall too far behind your workout schedule.

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Here are some really useful fitness hacks for summer vacations!

1) Create an exercise routine that can be done anywhere

You need to improvise on your workout routine as many times you will find yourself at the airport, on an island with no roads to run on or in a hotel room.  In such cases, you need to turn to a set of exercises that can be done almost anywhere without equipments. Even simple movements like pushups, situps, lunges and burpees can make a great workout.

Do 10 of each or as many as possible with the short time span you have at hand. You can change the intensity by speeding them up or increasing their count. You can lift weights like your backpack or any other luggage while doing these moves.

2) Be creative

Usually runners love to plan and work out according to it. However when you are travelling, you simply can’t stick to a plan. You have to wear your creativity hat as something is better than nothing. When you are in an island where the roads are not long enough, try swimming instead! Just stay flexible and make things happen.

3) Healthy nutrition and hydration are important

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Travelling leaves one feeling dehydrated and affects normal eating patterns. It can be due to trying out different cuisines or overindulging in drinks. To be able to exercise, nutrition and hydration are two departments you need pay attention to.

During your flight or train journey, drink lots of fluids. You need to aim at consuming healthy foods. Avoid indulging in alcohol prior to workouts. When you follow these tips you will be able to work out with ease. It will help treat the effects of jet lag too if any.

4) Wash your workout clothes

This is one piece of advice that you need to pay heed to as it makes life both for the athlete and the family. Workout clothes will surely start stinking because of the sweat. So, don’t just leave it to dry by itself in the bathroom of your hotel room especially if the climate is humid. You might not have too many clothes along or not have laundry facilities. Just carry a detergent soap along with you so that you can wash your workout clothes then and there at the bathroom sink. It will reduce a lot of trouble 😉

Staying active on a vacation can be fun and stimulating. You will feel happy that you are in shape even after the vacation. Isn’t that simply great!

Hope you liked these 4 fitness hacks for summer vacations!

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