Top 20 Fitness Hacks You Should Not Miss


Check Out The Fitness Hacks You Should Not Miss!

‘Took the stairs today? Let’s skip gym!’
‘Had a no-carbs day? Why go to the gym?’

Do you hear yourself saying these all the time? We sympathize.
We too are now tired of even making excuses.  Yes, we want a thigh gap but we want Nutella more.

And that is why we have compiled a list we like to call the ‘lazy girl’s guide to smokin’ girl’! These twenty fitness hacks are so easy-to-do and fun that you will find yourself making excuses to do them!

  • Get it over with: our to-do list is a fantasy and it’s the truth we don’t acknowledge. But it’s a tale we can make come to live given that we stop delaying the work. And that’s why the workout should be the first thing you do so that there is no way you can skip it. Plus it provides great procrastination.


  • The shorter the better: vigorous workout equals to a fitter body is a myth! One should always opt for a short but intense workout simply to avoid pushing ourselves. Who knew a preferred workout could actually work out? (See what we did there?)


  • Kill two birds with one stone: another myth we are about to break: cardio and strength training need not happen separately. They can be combined easily with the help of a YouTube tutorial.


  • Lie down and lose weight: yes you read it right. When just lying makes everything better why hit a treadmill? But before you write this off as easy, try it for yourself. There’s a whole lot of burn and bum work, but hey, at least, you can skip the gym!


  • More TV time: Now you don’t have to workout during the show but we all know how killer those two-minute commercials can be right? Besides being a bummer, these ads can provide time to slip-in mini workouts like squats or kickboxing and actually workout.
    (Is this the best list or what? *thanks*)


  • Socialize: everyone knows us girls go together everywhere (even to the bathroom). So call up your girlfriends and schedule a group fitness class where you can burn that fat along with binging off on hot gossip. It’s a great way to keep in touch and motivation for exercise.


  • Plan ahead: get those clothes out and about the night before so you don’t miss on your precious sleep and get motivated to skip it all together.


  • Oil the machine: hop on your bike and ride all around or just walk to sneak in a bit of a cardio in your daily life.


  • Get multitasked: don’t just stand in the line, move through calf raises and squat whenever offered a seat. You’ll be surprised with how many legs exercise you did.


  • Eat well: an energy snack would do wonders to fuel up before the workout


  • Drink up: not only does water keeps you dehydrated it also burns fat.


  • Go slow: everything takes times and so does shedding weight. So turn up the resistance once a while and relax.


  • Stick to the plan: When a workout become second skin it won’t seem that tough. You just gotta break it (sweat) till you make it.


  • Push harder: Now just like a child even your body eventually develops resistance against a rut. So just cardio won’t fetch you the desired results. Take baby steps but keep that body challenged.


  • Watch videos: no edit that. Watch workout tutorials and execute them. You’ll be surprised how much a ten-minute video can help you.


  • Spill the beans: we meant coffee beans. A few sips of coffee or green tea can drive away that feeling of discouragement and rejuvenate your lost motivation.


  • Hire outside help: a personal trainer (with bulging muscles and a cute tush) never hurt.


  • Reward yourself: For every inch, you lose, buy yourself a pair of shoes or treat yourself with a day at the spa. You could use all the motivation you could get.


  • Sleep tight: looks like the old wives’ tale about how necessary an eight-hour sleep is, is true. A little beauty sleep keeps you energized. So be a greater couch potato.


  • Cruise your feed: yoga stars like Hannah Bronfman can also turn up the encouragement meter.

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