Top 5 Fitness #Hashtags To Follow on Instagram


Top 5 Fitness Hashtags

To Follow On Instagram

These are the times of being social. Almost every person,irrespective of age, is present on social media, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The social media fever is so high these days that we get to know news through the social media memes that just takes a click to be found. Anything happens, and you have a flood of facts and figures all over social media. It’s always on the individual that how we infer all the information that we get. Read our post about how to use social media for weight loss here. It will not be wrong to say that social media has the power to build and destroy almost every truth as well as lie. It’s in our hands that how much power we give to it. There are number of topics that are trending on social media, be it sports, news, celebrity gossip, health, and what not. Out of all the trending buzz on the internet only a few are helpful. Let’s have a look at the trending hashtags on Instagram that are related to health and fitness to see what it has to offer.

Top 5 health and fitness hashtags Instagram offers

First question that comes to my mind is, why do we need to look up to fitness hashtags? Well, this is because the fitness hashtags that are top trending are supported from the Instagram fitness  community and are authentic in the social way. There are a number of hashtags that are existing all over the Instagram and more common the hashtag is, it brings more traffic to accounts.

Due to the increasing craze of fitness these days, there are innumerable hashtags that offer us a wide range that we can follow. However the choice of the best ones can be subjective and may vary person to person. The type of information an individual strives for, the same hashtags he follows.

Top health and fitness Hashtags

Fitness : 102,500,668 and counting

health fitness hashtags on instagram

Yes! That is the number of the posts that come along with the simple word fitness. It is the highest grossing hashtags on instagram and has daily posts relating to fitness and staying healthy.

Healthy : 59,234,170 and counting

Although it is the most basic word yet it has a vast variety of knowledge to grab . With such a large number of posts,it keeps you updated with the latest trends in the fitness industry.

Gym : 55,065,923 and more

The place we go to shed those extra kgs , well, what could be a better hashtag than that to follow. As the popular trend,imore important for people to know that you went to the gymo otherwisei wasted. Thus, it’s the most useful hashtag to follow to know about all the best things happening out there in the world of gyms.

Motivation : 51,812,990 posts

Whenever we think of reducing the extras we have gained over the time, this is what we require the most and what we lack the most, thus you have to follow the hashtag motivation to increase the extra dose of the lacking motivation in your life.

Workout : 46,409,387 posts and counting

We obviously don’t want to miss on the latest workout trends thus this is a must follow hashtag on instagram to always have a check on the workout techniques and also to know about all the new things that are going on to keep ourselves updated.

Fit : 45,903,920 and more

This is what we strive to be, thus fit is something we cannot afford to miss out on instagram. To be fit, follow fit.

You need to checout these # too if you are a fitness enthusiast on Instagram.

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