Fitness Level And Self Confidence – Is It Linked?


How fitness level affects a person’s self-confidence?

In today’s era, due to the increasing pace of competition and increasing trend of technology, people have to sit in front of the computers for very long time which affects their physical health and makes them lazy. It is very important to follow proper diet plan along with regular exercise routine which boots your energy levels, self-confidence and creates a positive ambiance around you. These benefits make you and your body strong and happy. Fitness level and self confidence are linked!

Here are various benefits that person receive if he/she has a good fitness level:

1. High Energy levels:

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Regular exercise has a very good impact on the mental and physical health of individual. It makes your heart and body stronger if you are indulged in a proper cardio exercise regime. The best thing a person can do is to pick that activity which you enjoy the most so that you love to do workouts and come out of boredom. According to various studies and research, it is often said that it is important for every individual to exercise for approximately 20-30 minutes daily in order to keep their body and mind healthy. There are huge benefits if you have regular workout regime:

• Lowers the risk of heart diseases.
• Boost energy levels and increase stamina.
• Maintain your weight.
• Boost self-esteem and self-confidence.
• Reduces the feeling of depression as exercise releases various stress hormones which makes you happy.
• Toning of muscles

To receive all these benefits, it is important to create an exercise plan of your choice and follow it strictly so that you can not only enjoy these benefits but it will also create a feeling of achievement at the end of the day.

2. Great Body:

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Self-confidence and Self-esteem, both of these words play a very important role in one’s life. In today’s society, people are usually obsessed with the body image of an individual. A person with low-esteem and self-confidence is one who has not having good fitness levels and appearance. Therefore, it is important to exercise daily and improve your fitness levels and personal body image in order to boost your self-confidence at a greater extent. See, fitness level and self confidence are linked! There are various factors which are equally important as compared to your strength and fitness levels:

• Toned body
• Good shape
• Maintained weight
• Great posture

3. Moderate level of Exercise:

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It is not necessary to do rigorous workout every day to maintain fitness levels. Moderate level of exercise can also help to release endorphins and creates the feeling of happiness and well-being around you. It even helps you to release stress and hypertension as it lowers the level of cortisol, stress hormone. Various studies has shown that low intensity workouts increase your energy levels and lead to mood improvement at a greater extent as compared to high intensity workouts which creates the feeling of anxiety in the context of competition with your peers. One can prefer various low intensity workouts such as Aerobics, playing your favorite sports, individual workouts, dancing classes which make your body and mind move without any worries and tensions.

Hope now you Fitness level and self confidence are linked!

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