Most Effective Fitness Tips For Working Women

working women fitness tips

Fitness tips for working women

We live in 21 st century far away from the typical stereotypes of the society and today all the gender barriers of women being less than men in any reference have been drowned away in women excelling in every field moving hand in hand with the men leaving no doubt
in their excellence and superiority. Thus, every aspect should be thought about in the dual perspective be it career goals, salary status, working conditions, living standards or even fitness. But it is observed in the present scenario that fitness is a lesser talked about
aspect when it comes to women and especially working women for that matter. All the gym posters have men with six pack abs, but about women. It is generally observed that working women are bound to handle both the workplace and also the family. This is concerned as their ideal role in the society. This is fair enough just
the point being that the working women should be concerned about their fitness too.
Let’s take a look at the various ways the working women can manage both their work and personal fitness.

working women fitness tips

Eat a good breakfast

The breakfast is the start of the day and whatever you do must begin on a good note. Therefore it is very important to have breakfast without fail. Include a lot of fresh fruits in your diet as they fulfil the required glucose content.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water is a must to keep the body hydrated keeping it away from a lot of diseases. Water intake should be up to a considerable level so that the bodily requirements are fulfilled. It is the key to stay healthy.

Create an effective exercise pattern

Along with the necessary water intake it is also required to have a proper exercise pattern that helps maintaining the body strength. It can be up to your own convenience no strict regulations regarding that just the regularity should be kept under a check.

Reduce refined carbs intake

fitness tips for working women

As the long working hours do not allow a proper workout, consumption of refined carbs should be avoided as far as possible . These include cookies, chocolate, white rice, sugar etc. as we consume more of them they cause insulin resistance in the body resulting in more fat concentration in the body.

Focus on stretching

As it is difficult to juggle with work balance along with proper workout, the main focus should be kept on stretching. Long sitting hours can cause stiffness in the body and thus it is necessary to stretch the body at regular intervals to prevent the body from catching problems such as back ache and even severe conditions like cervical.

Proper posture is a must

working women fitness tips

While working on the computer screen it is important to have a perfect eye level and more importantly the way that you are sitting should be accurate. The back must be straight and you must not be lounging back on the chair, it will lead to eye sight issues as well as
posture related problems.

My Take:

This is observed as a common practice that taking care of family and managing the work balance usually takes the cost of one’s health thus it is suggested that following the above mentioned ways women can be more dedicated towards their personal health because at the
end of the day that’s what keeps you going.


  1. Nowdays woman are stressed out balancing both family and workplace good information to come out of stress. Will look forward for many such useful blogs

  2. Often working women compromises on their breakfast, which they shouldn’t do. Breakfast plays important role in the whole day. Apart from the diet, getting proper sleep and exercise are also important to stay fit. Not women, but everyone in working class should do some yoga and meditation to kick start their day. It will not only help them to stay fit but also they will get better concentration at work.

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