Fitness Tips To Follow During A Party Season


Here Are Some Fitness Tips To Follow During A Party Season!

Well, now the New Year celebrations have almost been over given that we are now a month old in the year 2016. Undoubtedly, the start must have been a tough start for so many of us who indulged themselves completely in Christmas and New Year’s Eve party! As the start was great the month was all about get together and reunion with long lost friends and not to mention lots of food and feast!

Why your way of Partying might be wrong

Honestly speaking, you do not have to hold back and refrain from indulging yourself in the pleasures of yummy food which you always long to have but can’t have so often due to your strict diet! If you are keen to follow some fitness tips without any ifs and buts you can surely eat your heart out and still manage to remain fit and fab and not flabby! πŸ˜‰ :-p

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Avoid Mindless Eating-

how to stop emotional eating

Party doesn’t mean you can eat anything and everything! Make better choices and order a food item which lures your taste buds and also is good for the body and digestive system and doesn’t make you metabolism slow!

Focus more on Outdoor Activities-

Beach volleyball- sports that aid weight loss

A beach party or a wedding occasion is surely the best for you to relax and have the best of times to remember! It will also give you a chance to engage in sports like volleyball or Frisbee, along the beach side or simple evening strolls towards the beach shore talking with your mates and friends cracking jokes! This will ensure that you move a “lot” and not just sit back and go on eating! πŸ™‚

Hit The Buffet & Practice Portion Control

portion control plate

Okay, parties mean a lot of food and if they happen to be your favorite dishes, there is strong possibility you will hop on food like there is no tomorrow! :-p

But you can surely control your portions and make sure that your intake doesn’t go beyond the normal diet. Try including more veggies and fruit intakes and lower the dessert intake.

Wear Body Hugging Clothes-


Well, it is yet another way to look happening and still watching your food intake because you do not want that belly to bulge out from the bodycon dress you are wearing! Oh yeah.. this is a very clever trick to save you from over-eating and also putting more fresh fruits and veggies in your platter! πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the treat in limits and don’t sulk-

Unjunked book review_3

Well, another best way to make the best out of the party season is to indulge yourself in your favorite food but make sure that you extend the workout duration during the weekend a little longer so that you don’t have to sulk and think only about the pizza or the dessert you unwillingly didn’t take when everyone was offering it to you! πŸ™‚

These were some of the easy and can be easily practiced by most of you during the party season which will continue in the coming months as well with lot of couples getting hitched family reunions during the spring break! πŸ™‚

Have you tried any of these tips to remain fit?

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