Fitness Tracker-Things To Be Considered Before Buying One


Fitness Tracker-Things To Be Considered Before Buying One

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Heard about fitness trackers? Well, you might have even seen some people wearing them. They look like a watch but have a lot more to do than telling the time. A fitness tracker tells people how fit they are. Right from tracking sleep quality to counting steps and calories, fitness trackers or monitors are gaining popularity. If you too want to buy one do read along to know its benefits and disadvantages!

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Fitness trackers result in an increase in activity

You usually don’t pay attention to how much time you spend sitting in a day but it has an essential role to play in your health and life expectancy. There is a direct link between the length of the time you spend sitting and risk of death. You might easily forget to get up and walk when you are at work trying to meet a deadline or engrossed in a TV show. So, to solve that problem, just wear a fitness tracker on to your wrist and it will alert you if you have been sitting for too long. When the alarm of the tracker goes off, you know it’s time to get up and take a 10 minute walk and then get back to work.

Fitness Trackers lack style and wearability

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Fitness trackers will work for you only when you wear them. If you don’t find it comfortable or attractive, you might feel like leaving it at home, especially if you are going to office. The wrist based fitness trackers are designed by men and they look quite ugly on women. They are inappropriate for the petite wrists of women. For those who are style conscious, it would be better to have a clip on fitness tracker that can be worn on the strap of your bra or even your pocket. You just have to remember to remove them before putting your clothes for washing 😛

Fitness trackers help in weight loss

Weight loss occurs only when you burn more calories than you consume. The old way of tracking calories involves reading labels of food items and estimating the number of calories burned while exercising. This way of keeping track of calories can be erroneous and inaccurate. It is here where fitness trackers come to your rescue. They can estimate the calories burned by you with the help of data that you have provided such as weight, height, age and gender. Even your food intake can be tracked. This ensures that you are on the right track in your weight loss journey.

There can be device fatigue

You stare at the computer all day and the only change is sifting through text messages on your smart phone. When given another gadget to navigate (the fitness tracker) it will plainly irritate people and will end up in the junk drawer after a little use. Yes, you can get bored of the all the gadgetry around you. The point here is you should not become the slave of data. You needn’t check your fitness tracker each hour or even every day! When you have device fatigue, you better have a look at the bigger picture.

Fitness trackers help increase health awareness.

Consider this scenario, the doctor told you that your resting heart rate is a too high and you need to exercise a bit to normalize it. You are bound to forget about it! But if you have a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor right on your wrist, you won’t forget anything! Isn’t that great? There are activity tracker apps that provide you information about the amount of sleep you are getting, how much caffeine you are consuming and how many hours you are inactive.

Those of you who want to buy one, can get it from online shopping sites 🙂

So, are you going to go in for a fitness tracker?



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