Famous Fitness trends in the UK


Famous Fitness trends in the UK

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Fitness is essential for everyone. There is hardly anyone on this planet who is happy being fat and frumpish. Everybody wants to feel good from within and look fit. Well, for that you have to put in efforts. People from different parts of the globe have different ways of keeping themselves fit. Like how we have certain common workouts here in India, the western world has its own set of workouts and we might be unaware of some.

Want to know how the British keep themselves fit? Read on to find some quirky workouts that are the most in thing in England!


Hashing fitness trend in UK

Hashing is for those who like to get fit but also want to enjoy the pub life. It is all about running and drinking! Strange, isn’t it? Weekly or monthly group runs are organized by the Hash House harriers.

Hashing came into being back in the 1930s. Today it has made a comeback as a way of socializing while working out in the UK. It works this way:

The runner or hounds are made to chase a pre-drawn chalk ‘hare’, which takes them to the final destination and that is the pub. The routes often have check-points, dead ends and false starts so that you keep guessing about the right route.

This was traditionally an activity that was done in the country side but today it is being done in the city too. The first run is free of cost but it is £2 per run after that. The participants have to pay for the drinks though! I really wonder if this activity of running around and boozing is actually good for health!


ZUU fitness trend in UK

This workout has been born in Australia and it combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with animal and primal movements. You will sweat a lot after crawling like a bear, jumping like a monkey and squatting like a frog in the class. This fitness trend has been brought to the UK by the Virgin Active gym chain. Virgin Active gym has its branches all over UK and this ZUU class is included in its membership. Sounds like fun. The members of the class might be spending most of the time laughing at each other!



As the name suggests this is a fusion of the club life and exercising. It is for those who want to dance and shake their way to get a better figure. Clubbercise is meant for the party animals who also want to lose weight. The routines taught are easy to follow and are done in a dark venue. The traditional weights are replaced with glow sticks in this class.

Gorilla Circus

Gorilla circus fitness trends in UK

Learning to fly can probably tempt a lot of people as the adrenaline rush it offers. Gorilla circus is a flying trapeze class that gives the body a complete workout as you flip and swing in the air. The summer classes are quite popular and one can get to do trapeze in the winters too but indoors.

Secret Urban Escape

secret urban escape fitness trend in UK

London has a craze for everything secret and Londoners are not getting enough of it! This has been applied to their exercise regime. Pop-up fitness classes are organized by Secret Urban Escape and are accompanied by live music in totally unexpected locations that are kept a secret! They have themes like Pilates, Prosecco and Mince pies, Bootcamp and BBQ. It is a light-hearted way of staying fit while staying entertained.

How did you like this little glimpse to the fitness trends in the UK?

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