Predicting The Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2016


Predicting The Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2016

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2015 is wrapping up and we have an entirely new year ahead! Wait a minute! Where did all the time fly? Most of you must be feeling the same. Well, time waits for none, it just keeps flowing. It is like a river; you can’t touch the same water twice. So keep the memories of 2015 in your heart and welcome the New Year. It is resolution making time filled with hopes of a fresh start.

New Year resolutions are usually related to weight loss and health. Every one resolves to lose weight each year regardless of their previously failed attempts 😛 There are some like me who resolve to gain weight but we are a minority in this weight loss obsessed crowd. So back to weight loss! You can’t lose weight at the drop of the hat. You need to work towards it with a solid plan in front of you. You can now seek the help of technology in your weight loss pursuits. In the recent past, wearable technology has taken over the fitness world by the storm. They help in tracking calories, mileage and even the quality of your sleep.

In a survey conducted this year in the US, wearable technology has surpassed activities such as body weight training and HIIT (High intensity interval training) and has been able to claim the number one position. The interest in consumers in fitness technology signals that the low-cost, do-it-yourself exercise trend is slowly vanishing.

fitness trackers

Innovations in technology have created a revolution in the fitness industry. It has been able to enter the everyday lives of people and enabled them to track and share their progress real fast. It can be helpful in letting doctors track their patient’s progress. Not only that, even personal trainers can document the progress of their clients. Wearable technology can help individuals attain their fitness goals even outside the gym!

Technology is central to our daily lives and has completely changed the way we manage our workouts. Wearable devices are known to provide immediate feedback that helps in making the wearer aware of their level of activity and can motivate the individual in achieving their fitness goals.

However, the fitness trends of 2016 will not just be limited to wearable technology alone. Check the list out

1) Wearable technology

Goqii fitness tracker

Just like discussed above, fitness bands and the like can track your calories, the number of steps you take etc. It is on spot no 1!

2) Body Weight training

On spot no 2, is weight training. The body weight training fever in people is not willing to fade so soon!


Lose Weight With High Intensity Interval Training

On spot no 3 is high-intensity interval training. It has really proven to be useful for weight loss.

4) Strength training

To build muscles you need to do strength training. There are many fitness maniacs who love pumping iron at the gym and lifting weights at home. It is on spot no 4.

5) Fitness professional certifications

A lot of fitness enthusiasts are entering the fitness industry by getting trained from renowned institutions.

6) Personal trainers

How to choose a personal trainer 2

People are hiring personal trainers so that they can get a customized workout at their comfort.

7) Functional fitness

It involves exercises that train your muscles to work together and it prepares them for day to day tasks by simulation of common movements that you are probably doing at work, at home or in sports.

8) Fitness programs for the elderly

old-lady-weight-training for fitness

This should become a famous fitness trend in the upcoming year as even older adults deserve to be fit and happy.

9) Exercise and weight loss programs

On number 9 are exercise and weight loss programs. Our own blog has one and do join if you are suffering from weight issues.

10) Yoga

camel's pose Yoga For Weight Loss- Some Amazing Yoga Poses

On no 10 is yoga. An inseparable part of our heritage, yoga is the wealth that our ancestors have passed on to us. The whole world today is raving about its benefits. It is an entirely different system of fitness and it doesn’t matter on which spot it is!

Hope this post has been successful in Predicting The Top 10 fitness trends for 2016

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