Top 12 Fitness Trends Of 2017


Top Fitness Trends Of 2017

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A new year gives you a chance to start afresh! It is the best time to reboot your workouts. Do you want to know the fitness trends of 2017?

Keep reading to find out what all are the fitness trends of 2017.

1) Wearable technology

fitness trackers

The craze for fitness trackers and smart watches is only going to get bigger in this year. The wearables available these days are able to track distances, provide heart rate readings, GPS, reminders and a lot more. Seems like a perfect new year gift for health conscious friends.

2) Body weight training

You know why no-equipment workouts are so popular. They are very easy to learn and can be modified to match any level. Another big advantage is that they can be done anywhere. You have the classic pushups, pull-ups and the much loved squats, planks and lunges. It doesn’t stop only with these, there are plenty more!


Metafit HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT helps in torching calories really fast by alternating high intensity moves with short periods of rest. You can find it in all kinds of workouts. This is one fitness trend that will never go out of fashion.

4) Certified fitness professionals

There has been an upsurge in the number of people wanting to be personal trainers. Presently they have a lot of options to earn accreditation. People in the fitness industry are getting more professional day by day. This trend has made clients smarter about seeking fitness-related help. The bottom line is that this occupation is bound to grow in popularity!

5) Strength training

Woman-Lifting-Weight building lean muscle

People no longer stick to just cardio. They know the benefits of strength training such as boosting longevity, protection against diabetes, back pain, and of course building muscle mass. Moreover, a lot of women these days have realized that lifting weights will not make them bulky.

6) Group training

The trend of group training will thrive in 2017 too as the expense of personal training is sort of a luxury to the average individual. It will probably replace a gym membership soon! One of the topmost fitness trends of 2017 and of many more years to come!

7) Yoga

Stretching Through Yoga For A Flexible You 2

Yoga has been around for 5000 years and as a modern fitness trend for more than 10 years. It can be practiced on the go, help boost your mood, strengthen both mind and body. It is still the most popular trend and I think will never cease to excite people. It is being constantly reinvented as rope wall yoga, aerial yoga and hot yoga.

8) Fitness for the elderly

A lot of businesses are tailoring fitness classes to serve the aging population. Even the elderly who are frail can improve their balance and day-to-day activities with the right functional fitness programs.

9) Functional fitness

Functional training helps you build strength for things like lifting a suitcase into the loft, carrying a toddler, moving furniture. It actually helps improve your coordination, balance, power, force and endurance. It helps you in carrying out your daily activities. This trend has actually moved up in the ranking.

10) Outdoor activities

Kayak- Why Canoeing And Kayaking Is Good For Health

These days your personal trainer will not just make you workout in the gym but make you head outdoors too to enhance your overall fitness. It can be anything from kayaking to rock climbing. Do you know when you hike, you burn more than 530 calories in one hour? Moreover, the greenery will lift your mood and make you feel rejuvenated.

11) Worksite health promotion

Companies have started accepting the fact that the healthier the employee, the more productive he or she is. They are making attempts to make their employees fitter. It might be in the form of gym reimbursement, onsite yoga or something else.

12) Smartphone fitness apps

Fitness Apps

The trend of fitness smartphone apps will continue to be there in 2017. There is always an app (fitness) for you. Questions are raised about the accuracy but people don’t seem to mind. As the accuracy increases, the usage will increase too.

Hope you liked reading this post on the Fitness Trends Of 2017!

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