Flat Shoes Can Pose A Health Risk – Why?


Find Out Why Flat Shoes Can Pose A Health Risk?

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All of us have heard stories about high heels being bad. Even people who have a high fashion sense have started complaining about the problems they face with high heels. So, it has been driven home that high heels are no good! Science also proves that wearing high heels can result in several ailments related to the knees, spine and back. So, what have people done? They have simply switched over to flat shoes.

Wearing Flat Shoes Can Pose A Health Risk

Flat shoes pose health risk, Flat Shoes Can Pose A Health Risk

Doctors are of the opinion that flats are better as they happen to relax the feet and don’t make them feel tired easily. However, a recent study says that wearing too flat shoes can cause you trouble. Feet specialists are actually alarmed at the rising no of cases of foot injuries caused due to wearing flip-flops and ballerinas.

Even though they are comfortable, flat shoes can cause a lot of foot pain, pain in the shins, bunions along with arthritis and backaches. According to a specialist, walking in heels changes the centre of gravity, thereby, training your legs to produce muscle especially in the calf and thighs. This way those areas get toned.

Wear modest heels

Flat Shoes Can Pose A Health Risk

Individuals suffering from poor circulation and swollen ankles should wear shoes with one-inch heel that helps boost the amount of blood and tissue fluid which is returned from the legs to the upper part of the body. Wearing modest heels of about one inch to one and a half inch can improve the alignment of the lower back and reduce the risk of pain in the lower back. It is also helpful to people who have a straight back as it restores a healthy curve and reduces muscle tension. For complete comfort while walking, you must stick to a heel of 1 to 1 ½ inch instead of wearing super flat shoes.

Use the right insole padding

According to a physiotherapist, absolute flats can be worn as long as the insole of the shoes is padded well. However, she says that one inch is the ideal heel size as it helps your calf muscles. Still, the insole has to be soft enough. Shoes that have hard insoles can be quite painful, regardless of the fact that they are flats of high heeled.

Wearing flats spoils your posture

Flat Shoes Can Pose A Health Risk

Doctors are of the opinion that one should not be wearing any pair of shoes on a regular basis. The skyscraper stilettos are a strict no-no but a little heel can do you good. With flats people start dragging their feet instead of walking. This can completely ruin the body posture. Your feet will roll inwards and your ligaments and tendons get stretched. Due to that your toes are pulled out of alignment with the foot, resulting in severe pain. It might eventually result in bunions. When the feet roll in, the knees get pulled along. When forced into an awkward angle, the knee caps can get inflamed and painful and at times arthritic. Walking on a slope or running in flats can bring in trouble as lack of support results in inflammation in the shin and this causes shooting pains.

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