The Flexitarian Diet-Diet review


The Flexitarian Diet-Diet review

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There are so many diets out there for weight loss and one such diet is the flexitarian diet. Let us discuss the diet and find out whether it actually works or not!

The flexitarian diet

The diet’s promise

The mission of the Flexitarian Diet is to go meatless most of the time and lose weight and get healthy at the same time. According to the author and dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner, eating plant-based foods is a smart way to cut down the calories. However, she is aware that many people are not ready to become 100% vegetarian. Flexitarians or flexible vegetarians eat a lesser amount of meat than they used to before but don’t give it up totally.

What are you allowed to eat?

There is no hard and fast rule but the aim is to add more of plant based foods to your diet and cut back on meat.

In the book Blatner has mentioned a short assessment of eating habits. According to her, if you go meatless for 2 days a week, you are a beginner flexitarian.

Advanced flexitarians tend to skip meat 3-4 days a week and expert flexitarians go meatless 5 or more days a week.

veggies cooked

The Flexitarian diet urges you to go meatless on most days but baby steps to it are OK. The author suggests making at least one shift per day so that it doesn’t make you feel deprived. The recipes mentioned in the book focus on simplicity. Each recipe has just 5 main ingredients.

Limitations of this diet plan

If you are not ready to eat extra veggies and try out unfamiliar sources of protein, this plan is definitely not for you.


Preparing your meals is easy but you will have to stock up fresh veggies in your fridge regularly. You also need to get comfortable with your kitchen if you are not used to it. Packaged food or packaged meals are a no!


In this diet plan, exercising is a must. You will have to be active for 30 mins on most days for the upkeep of good health. Increase that to 90 mins if your aim is to slim down.

Does the flexitarian diet allow for dietary preferences or restrictions?

It does allow for dietary preferences and restrictions. The term ‘flex’ in flexitarian means that it is all about options. The diet will definitely work for vegetarians and vegans. It also shouldn’t be a problem for those who are on a gluten free diet.

Does the diet work?

Though the diet can help you lose weight, but the amount you eat still matters. Research says that vegetarians usually weight less than those who eat meat. Also, plant-based foods like fruits and veggies are generally higher in nutrition and lower in calories compared to meat. This makes plant-based diet an important part of a heart healthy diet. However, just becoming a vegetarian does not guarantee weight loss. But adding plant based foods to your diet can help improve your health.

Is the diet good for specific health condition?

Eating more of plant based foods can help prevent and treat diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease as veggies are cholesterol free and low in saturated fat.

The bottom line

The diet helps people eat a healthy, plant-based diet that in turn helps managing weight and keeping one healthy. However, the diet fails to provide guidance to people who want to lose weight quickly due to health related complications. It also doesn’t show you how high-fat meat products should be included in your diet.

This plan is ideal for those who are looking for a plant-based diet that doesn’t require to become full-fledged vegetarians.

Hope this post on the flexitarian diet was useful!

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