Five Flowers That Help In Weight Loss

flowers for weight loss

Five flowers that help in weight loss 

Flowers for weight loss

Some time back IWB had published the weight loss tea recipe using Hibiscus flowers and lemon. We received a lot of appreciation for it and that made us research on weight loss with flowers. We found that an English Doctor and Homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach, researched on different flowers of various species that were found in Wales. He prepared 38 concoctions by testing them on those flowers that are now used as a reinforcement to different therapies. From the commercialization of his first 19 remedies came the rest of the remedies that we currently know as Bach Flowers. Let us talk about those five flowers which are known as Bach flowers for weight loss. 

Flowers for Weight Loss

If you are trying flower remedies for weight loss, then you need to keep in mind that though they can help you, but they cannot make you thin by themselves. You must eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and of course never forget to exercise. Once you have changed your daily lifestyle, the next step is to identify the emotions that lead you to overeating, and this is where you will be needing flowers’ help. These flowers can help you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight by dealing with any emotional issues that may lead you to binge eat and sabotage your weight loss attempts.

Bach flowers are these 5 flowers that are recommended for weight loss –

1. Agrimony 

 Flowers for Weight Loss

Using Agrimony will help you in acknowledging your negative feelings and releasing them, rather than attempting to suppress them by eating food. Weight loss is easy and achievable when you are no longer driven by a compulsion to over eat.

2. Cherry Plum

 Flowers  for Weight Loss

Having cherry plum will help you in releasing tension, leaving you calm and controlled. Consider easing up on your diet a little, as the fact that you are feeling so uptight about it is an indication that you are being too hard on yourself. It helps in releasing the tension.

3. Cerato 

flowers for weight loss

Cerato will give you the required confidence. It will help you in making proper food choices wherever you are without getting influenced by the other factors around you. It will also help you to resist the temptation to try extreme diets for the sake of quick outcomes.

4. Chestnut Bud 

flowers for weight loss

Have you tried losing weight many times but couldn’t succeed even once? Then try having chestnut bud. It will help you to break the ‘same mistake’ cycle. It will help a person to slow down enough that they can learn from their own mistakes, move on, not repeat the same mistake, and finally succeed.

5. Crab Apple 

flowers for weight loss

It is so much easier to lose weight when you are comfortable with yourself as who you are rather than fighting against emotions of unworthiness. Crab apple will help you to release negative thoughts that you have about yourself. More self-love!

Taking these five flowers is one way of making the process of weight loss easier and quicker. If you take these flowers, not only will your body feel lighter but your spirit too.

So here are the details about five flowers that may help in weight loss… Are you trying?

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