Food Diary For Weight Loss

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Food Diary For Weight Loss

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One of the best ways to stay motivated and be on track with your goals particularly with weight loss is to write everything that passes your lips. If you’re looking to make healthy choices, find out what’s upsetting your tummy, or reach your goal weight, then a food journal is your answer. It sounds simple right? Recording your meals including snacks will not only help you to track your diet, but also analyse and modify it as per the requirement. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and start writing.


Keep track

The best thing about food dairy is that it helps you keep track of almost everything you eat and drink during that particular day. While most of us can only remember what we had for lunch or dinner but we don’t realize just how much we are snacking in between the meals.

The key to a successful food diary is to be honest. You have to record every food that goes into your mouth, including any guilty pleasures like slice of pizza. If you “forget” to write down that chocolate bar you grabbed from the fridge, then you’re not only lying to yourself but you could also be missing out on analysing your triggers and patterns. The fact is, denial won’t do you any favour — once you study your food intake, you’ll be able to see where you’re going wrong (and right) and make better choices.

When they’re used properly, food diaries are a very powerful tool because they encourage you to track what you eat, as well as when and why — all factors that help you figure out your relationship with your food.

Get your plate right

Keeping a food diary can be a huge help in figuring out if you’re eating the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Ideally, each meal should have a bit of protein, a bit of carbs and a whole lot of vegetables, but in a time when many of us grab-and-go, that doesn’t always happen. A food diary will help you to work out if you need more of a certain thing and less of another. It will also allow you to sort out your portion sizes.

Pick up any patterns

If you need another reason why food diaries are must, here’s an important one: They help to identify good and bad habits. By jotting down your meals, snacks, workouts, water intake, energy levels and slip ups, you’ll work out your triggers as well as areas you need to improve on. A food diary helps you to see connections as simple as that. Reaching for a cup of tea every afternoon could be a sign that you’re stressed or not getting enough sleep.

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 Tips for keeping a diary

  • Write down every single thing you eat and drink. Try to note the time as well.
  • Record your workouts as well as your mood, energy levels and sleep quality.
  • If you’re keeping a printed journal, make sure it’s small enough so you can carry it around with you like in a hand bag.
  • Analyse your food diary weekly and see if you can identify areas to improve on. It’s also a great idea to look over it with your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer.

The all-in-one diaries

The best application which I have come across and to which I am addicted now is “My fitness Pal.”This app has the nutritional value of hundreds of thousands of products, and it also works out how many calories you burn with strength and cardio exercises.

Do you maintain a food diary for weight loss?

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