Food Neophobia, Is It Linked To Lifestyle Diseases!


Food Neophobia,

A step towards lifestyle diseases

Editor’s Note: We at Indian Weight Loss Blog have started delving into health related issues which need immediate attention. With our new generation falling easy prey to junk and packaged food all we need to do is spread awareness about eating disorders like ‘Food Neophobia’. Hope we are of some assistance to parents who think that their child is a picky eater. Please read on and decide yourself if your kid is suffering from ‘Food Neophobia’ or not.

What is Food Neophobia? 

Food neophobia is a term which has just gained importance as a tool for understanding eating difficulties. It refers to the fear of new or unfamiliar foods.

It surely is different from picky eating but do you know where is the boundary drawn? Many individuals have limited food choices and would willingly eat food they see than try something they do not. Food neophobia describes a condition when reactions to food in front are phobic and prone to have a social impact (avoiding meals and requirements with different food) and dietary means.

Common causes of Food Neophobia

Reasons for food neophobia
  1. ASD:

There is a known connection between autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and food neophobia. A few researches have also identified that people with ASD are further prone to have definite preferences for unique food qualities, colors, and tastes, which could continue their neophobia. 

2. Genetic influences:

Genetic influences alongwith psychosocial influences are likewise identified as basic cause of food neophobia collectively. If the mother and father have food neophobia themselves, there is an enhanced risk of the same condition in their offspring.

Symptoms and signs of Food Neophobia

Food neophobia


The signs and symptoms of food neophobia are:

  • Refusal to accept new foods from early childhood into adolescence.
  • An overwhelming fear of raw foods.
  • Aversion to celebrations and school trips gets because of the fear of taking new food.
  • Distress and anxiety experienced due to the fear of foreign foods.

 Food Neophobia and its link with lifestyle diseases

Food neophobia

Fear of unfamiliar foods, also known as ‘Food Neophobia’ may cause mediocre dietary quality thus enhancing the risk factors linked with chronic illnesses. The biggest risk is of developing common lifestyle diseases, including cardiovascular disorders and type 2 diabetes.

Is Food Neophobia genetic?    

Yes! Food Neophobia is also a genetic disorder being prevalent among adolescents and adults. 

Food Neophobia, Is It Linked To Lifestyle Diseases!

Features related to food neophobia, including picky and choosy eating, have a severe impact on the dietary condition and finally, health. 

Let’s spread awareness about Food Neophobia.

All that we need to do is observe our kids or even ourselves carefully and work our way out of our food realted phobia. The thing on which we can work on is to bring down the overall impact of Food Neophobia by spreading awareness about it. Then only people will get to know about Food Neophobia and its link with lifestyle diseases.

If you know any picky eater or anyone with food related anxiety, please share this article as much as possible so that each one of us can be a part in #IWBMovement.

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