Foodie Vs Food Addict – What Are You?


Foodie Vs Food Addict – Which One Are You?

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Foodie Vs food addict, the discussion is always on! People wonder what makes a foodie different from a food addict.

Foodies need not be fat! You can be a connoisseur of tasty food and still be thin. A foodie is basically someone who loves tasty food and want to learn how it is procured and prepared. He or she might pay attention to the flavours of the food and savour every bite. In a nutshell, a foodie loves great food.

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Now, let us talk about food addicts. These are people who use food as a drug. They are not very different from cocaine or heroin addicts. The only difference lies in the fact that the choice of the drug is legal and it celebrated equally by non-addicts. Are you aware that certain foods can activate the same reward pathways in the brain similar to how cocaine and heroin do? Research is still on in this regard. It is believed that there exists a genetic component to addiction.

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Foodaholics or food addicts are like alcoholics. However, most people who eat don’t turn into foodaholics just like how people who drink don’t turn into alcoholics.

There is one group of people who can’t control themselves when high salt, high fat, or high sugar food is around. Though a lot of people have this trouble, some people can’t simply control themselves. Where one person can stop at 3 chips, there are others who eat the entire pack and still want more! The latter is a food addict who can’t control himself.

It is said that food addiction is the worst kind of addiction to have as unlike alcoholics, who can stop consuming alcohol, you can’t completely stop food. Food is still needed to survive. You need to change the relationship you have with food. It is essential to manage the compulsion to over-eat certain foods and find non-food related ways to deal with the pain. One has to learn how to handle cravings and food fixations. This is no easy task for a food addict. You can find fast food and junk food advertisements everywhere around you and this can affect your attempts to get rid of food addiction. Though the task is not easy, it is not impossible.

The problem with foodaholics is that they simply cannot focus on anything but food. If they go on a holiday, it is the food that matters to them the most. I know a lot of people who always post pictures of them eating different kinds of cuisines. Don’t know whether they are connoisseurs of food or foodaholics.

At a party it would be advisable for food addicts to focus on things that are not related to food, like people, atmosphere, the outfits of people, the way the location is decorated and the kind. This is easier said than done! Even normal people will get attracted to the buffet table in a party and will have fear that the delicious food might get over! 😉

This was just a glimpse of the Foodie Vs Food Addict discussion. Hope you liked it.

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