Foods That Ease Your Periods!

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Foods That Ease Your Periods!

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On those days of the month when you have your periods, how do you feel? Pain, fatigue and things that turn you into a zombie 😛 You can get relief by including certain foods in your diet. Here is a list of foods that help in boosting energy, warding off cramps and moodiness.

Whole grain cereal fortified with iron


Most women just don’t get sufficient amounts of iron. This reduces their energy levels and makes it difficult for them to focus upon things. Those who have heavy periods need more iron as they are losing large amounts every month during menstruation. Though going for spinach and other greens is the best, having a whole grain cereal fortified with iron is also a good idea. Be on a look out for a cereal box that provides a minimum of 25 % of RDA of iron. Consuming vitamin C along with that is great as vitamin C helps the body in absorbing more iron. So, having an orange just after your bowl of cereals is a good idea. If you want to take iron supplements you should talk to your doctor regarding that, he/she will be able to guide you better about the dosage.

Complex carbs

brown rice_tummy flattening foods

PMS makes women crave for sugar and simple carbs. That is one of the worst things to do! To maintain your energy levels it would be better to eat complex carbs that are rich in fibre. You have so many options when it come to complex carbs. You have oats, brown rice and many more! Having a wholesome oats smoothie is also a good idea. They make a really cool breakfast. Yummy oatmeal smoothies can be made and kept in the fridge to be enjoyed later. Read about oats smoothies here! Coming to brown rice, they are packed with complex carbs that get digested slowly, are a wonderful source of magnesium that helps in warding off bloating. You can eat citrus fruits too to keep bloating at bay. Add lemon to the water and drink that throughout the day.


why you must have lentils

If you feel crabby due to PMS, get your hands on lentils. They promote a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation as they are rich in complex carbs. Being loaded with fibre and protein, they get digested slowly with a sustained carb disease that probably soothes you for hours. Lentils are rich in the B vitamin thiamine that is linked to reduction in incidences of PMS.

Milk and yoghurt

Milk nutrition facts

Studies reveal that women who consume 1,200 mg of calcium in a day have 30% less incidences of PMS than those who eat just 500 mg. To beat PMS, calcium is the most important one. But 1,200 mg of calcium means 4 servings of dairy products. So, don’t just stick to milk, add a cup of yoghurt too as drinking four glasses of milk in a day is out of question for anybody.


salmon for good skin

Just like calcium, vitamin D helps in alleviating PMS. Women who take 700 IU of vitamin D a day are 40% less likely to have PMS in comparison to those who have just 100 IU a day. Those who enjoy non-veg can have fish to meet their needs of vitamin D. The fish ‘salmon’ is a good source of vitamin D that offers 530 IU in 3 ounces i.e. 85 g. It is also packed with omega 3 fatty acids. It can be called one of nature’s best foods that beats mood swings and monthly cramps.

Keep yourself fit with foods that help ease your periods.

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