5 Foods Great For Digestion


List Of Foods Great For Digestion

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There always are times when you gobble up way too much of your favourite food. It can be at a family dinner or at the restaurant. We all have done that and later repented for doing so. The discomfort of indigestion is not unknown! It can be pretty bothersome!

So, the next time you feel that your digestive tract is giving you trouble, just skip the step of popping in tablets and stick to using the foods mentioned below! (Most of the remedies are a regular in Indian households).

Foods Great For Digestion

1) Ginger

pain killer ginger

Ginger is one spice that can probably make your stomach woes vanish in the thin air! It is said to aid digestion by the stimulation of digestive enzymes. Sipping ginger tea can really help in reducing intestinal gas and bloating. You can simply add ginger to your homemade lemonade or any other juice. If you are a tea person, add crushed ginger to your tea. You can even chew it raw for immediate relief from indigestion.

2) Peppermint

peppermint_tummy flattening foods

Peppermint is an antispasmodic that helps in calming down an irritated stomach. You can simply steep some peppermint leaves in hot water and sip it down. This kind of a plain peppermint tea will make you feel better in no time. Just relax with a hot cup in your hand! Along with being good for digestion it can be cool you down for inside too.

3) Fennel seeds


Fennel seeds or saunf as it is known in Hindi, can help in reducing heart burn, gas, nausea and bloating. You can add them to hot water and drink it or simply chew half a teaspoon of the seeds after your meal to make your digestive system work well. It is also a great mouth-freshener. Whenever you feel that have overindulged just chew on some fennel seeds for relief. Fennel seeds are served after a meal in most Indian households and now you know why!

4) Fermented foods

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings curd

Fermented foods are the best kind of probiotics. They have lactic acid producing bacteria that help in the maintenance of a healthy gut. Eat more of curd, idli or dosa when you feel that things in your belly are not alright. You can drink buttermilk that has a bit of ginger added to it. Going international, you can try kefir and kimchi.

5) Flaxseeds

flax seeds and weight loss

Flaxseeds are rich in soluble fibre. This fibre is known to keep the intestines working fine. You have to grind these flaxseeds before consuming them. Just add the powdered flaxseeds to your smoothie, soup or oatmeal. These seeds are a rich source of omega 3 fats too and a boon for vegetarians.

The bottom line

Now you have the weapons to combat indigestion in your hands but why at all let indigestion happen in the first place. Keep your digestive system healthy and prevent indigestion by consuming a well balanced diet which is high in fibre, probiotics and omega 3 fats. Consume fruits like papaya for digestive enzymes.

Take care!

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