Foods I Am Loving These Days


Foods I Am Loving These Days

Happy Wednesday 😛 , its midweek and weekend is just 2 days 😀 .  A lady on IWB Facebook Group, asked me with all her frustration – “Tarun madam, I have asked you to let us know your diet so many times”. Sigh! I wish I could share I eat. I believe that a generic diet plan does not work. If you are a South Indian, I am a North Indian, you eat rice I eat wheat, you are X kgs I weigh Y kgs, you are N years old I am M years old , you are a home maker I bloody slog all day – how can our diet plans be the same? What works for me, will NOT work for you! That is why IWB weight loss program works on tailor made weight loss diet plans.

Since sharing my diet plan is out of question, I thought I will share with you the Foods I Am Loving These Days. Let’s get started 🙂


I am in love with Smoothies! Sometimes I make them with curd base and other times in coconut milk. Coconut milk is easily available in tetra packs. I generally use strawberries, apple or papaya in my smoothies. These fruits are sweet in themselves and rarely do I feel the need to add stevia.

Sugar-free Strawberry-Pomegranate Smoothie 6


This is my new found love! It was lying unused since 2 months and I did not bother until I went through constipation for 2-3 days. Kanan gave me a tip to have isabgol with hot water and it worked so well! Did I say I am in love?


Call me nuts and oats have moved from my  “Hate” list to my “Go to” list. I absolutely love eating oats upma.

oats upma recipe

Flax Seeds

I munch on them, kneed them in the dough , add them to practically any dish! Yes I am sane.

Beet Root

Most of you know that my hemoglobin behaves like seesaw, hmmph! I have started liking taste of beet root. You can also call it my laziness to have pomegranate 😛

What are the foods that you are loving these days?

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