Surprising List Of Foods Loaded With Sugar


Surprising List Of Foods Loaded With Sugar

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What does the word ‘sugar’ bring to your mind? I guess candies and chocolates most probably! There are many other foods that seem to be healthy but in reality are packed with sugar. You will be surprised to find out that you are consuming such foods on a daily basis.

Canned fruits

canned fruit List Of Foods Loaded With Sugar

Fruits are definitely a healthy option but they should be eaten fresh and not canned. Canned fruits are soaked in concentrated sugar syrup in order to preserve them. The presence of sugar syrup in canned fruits makes them makes it unhealthy and not suitable for snaking on. It is best to avoid them. The most common you find is canned pineapple but you can easily get fresh pineapple and have it anyways!

Breakfast cereal


People usually rush during the mornings and have no time for a traditional breakfast. So, most people find instant cereals convenient. But do you know how much sugar is getting inside you unknowingly? A 100 g of cereal has 10 g of sugar.

Energy drinks

is monster energy drink good for health

Energy drinks do give you energy but at what cost? They are packed with sugar. A single can of your favourite energy drink has around 27 gms of sugar which is way too much your body can handle! So do think twice before drinking commercial energy drinks.

Energy bars

energy bar-Top Healthy Foods That Can Spoil Your Weight Loss Plan

Energy bars are always kept in purses so that you can have them when hunger strikes. However, they harm you rather than doing any good. As they are meant to provide you with instant energy, they are loaded with sugar. Energy bars that you commonly get in the market contains anywhere between 20-30 g of sugar and this is no less than a bar of chocolate. I guess you can have a chocolate bar instead of going in for the so called energy bar 😛

Flavoured milk

Flavoured milk List Of Foods Loaded With Sugar

Most of the milk brands have flavoured milk as most people prefer having it thinking that it is healthy. You have bottles in different flavours like elaichi, kesar, coffee, chocolate, strawberry etc. You get it in a tetra pack too and can have it on the go. Just 100 ml of kesar flavoured milk has 8 g of sugar and the sugar content will vary with various flavours.

Flavoured water

catch summer drink lemon n lime

Flavoured water has made its way to the Indian market. You can read the review of one such flavoured water here. They are available in several flavours such as peach and apple. Their sugar content varies with the flavour. A 100 ml of peach flavoured water has 7 g of sugar in it.

Fruit juices

apricot-juice Do you suffer from body heat

Fruit juices, both packaged or fresh have large amounts of sugar. It must be difficult to digest but just 30 ml of unsweetened apple juice has 3g of sugar.

Instant soups

Instant soup List Of Foods Loaded With Sugar

Weight watchers always prefer having soups to keep the calorie intake minimal but the same does not hold good for instant soups. They can actually be an obstruction to your weight loss path as they are loaded with sugar. Though you have a wide variety to choose from, just one packet of tomato soup has 13 g of sugar!

Low fat yoghurts (flavoured)

Low fat dietYou may find so many low fat yoghurts in the market. Right from strawberry to mango, you can choose what you like. However, they are unhealthy because fat has been removed from them. Whenever fat is removed from food something else is added to make up for the lost taste that ‘something’ is sugar. For example, a 100 g pack of strawberry flavoured yoghurt has 13 g of sugar.

It would be better to avoid such foods loaded with sugar!

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