Top Foods That Can Make You Angry


Foods That Can Make You Angry

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Do you feel @#$grrh sometimes? Let me tell you that it can be due to food! Surprised? Don’t be! Just read on!

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Okay, so you agree that eating healthy and exercising can make you feel happy. They do, especially when you get to eat your favourite (healthy) comfort food. On one hand when food can cheer you up, there are some foods that spoil your mood and turn you into someone irritable and angry. In Ayurveda, the foods that fall into the ‘rajasic’ category are linked to anger. Here are some foods that can make you angry:

Spicy foods

chilli-healthy or harmful

Try your best to stay away from spicy foods particularly when you are stressed as you won’t be able to digest the food well due to a slow metabolism. This would lead to acid reflux and make you feel irritated. Spicy foods tend to heat up your body and can most probably make you cranky. Keep spicy food away when stressed, enjoy it later when you are happy.



May sound strange but a study done in California has found that consuming trans-fats can make you angry. This is because trans-fats tend to interfere with the metabolism of omega 3 fats that are known to keep us balanced. Sounds like a good reason to shun the unhealthy trans-fat anyway!

Caffeinated drinks

Recipe-How To Make LCHF Bulletproof Coffee

Are you a coffee person? Drinking excess of coffee or tea during the day is bad for health. Having coffee closer to bedtime can affect your sleep quality and make your irritable and obviously angry. Staying awake for long hours, tossing and turning in bed can irritate almost anyone. You can drink coffee but avoid it at least 3 hours before hitting the sack.

Processed food


Foods made out of refined flour like cookies and white breads, fried stuff like chips and crisps might give you temporary pleasure but that is just short lived. They can cause a surge in your blood sugar levels leading to mood swings and anger.

Chewing gum and candies

red candy foods that are non veg

Chewing gum and eating candies that are artificial sweetened could increase stress-related digestive issues that can turn you into an irritable person.


Alcohol for the calorie conscious

Alcohol is said to stimulate the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. It can affect the nervous system and make you aggressive.

Try to stay away from the above foods if you want to avoid getting angry.



Hope you liked reading this post on foods that can make you angry!

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