7 Foods That Cause Body Odor & Make You Stink


7 Foods That Cause Body Odor & Make You Stink

Body_Odor_Foods That Cause Body Odor & Make You Stink

Sometimes when a person burps, you can tell what he/she ate for the meal πŸ˜› . Yes, there are certain foods that leave their not so pleasing smell in mouth. It can be extremely embarrassing when you are surrounded by people and they maintain distance because you carry smell in your mouth. You can handle this smell by eating mint or breath fresheners easily available in every nook and corner. But what about the body odor? There are certain foods that cause body odor and make you stink. Let’s see what they are –


Fish is extremely healthy but we all know that it is smelly. That’s why a few people eat fish fillets only which have negligible smell. Fish contains vitamin B complex which is sometimes released from skin through sweat. Needless to say, few people smell like fish even after a day of eating fish, ewwwwwww!

low carb fish recipes (5)


All dairy products are rich in calcium. They are high in protein too which is the main reason why they case body odor. They also make your mouths stinky while these foods are digested in the gut.

Milk nutrition facts

Red Meat

Red meat contains amino acids which when broken, react with the bacteria in your skin. This increases body odor and make it unbearable sometimes.

plan your protein red meat


Aaaha, this is something most of you won’t like to see in this list πŸ˜› . Alcohol dehydrates the body and makes your body and breath stinky. Please don’t use too many deodrants or have too many mouth fresheners. Stay sober for 2 days and the smell will fade away πŸ™‚

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol


Garlic contains allicin which is released when you cut it. When its broken down, it reacts with sweat and skin bacteria that results in a foul body odor. Minimize the use of garlic in summers.

garlic_tummy flattening fods

Ketogenic diet

This is something Indians usually don’t follow. But if you are on a ketogenic diet, you will have a peculiar body odor and a bad breath. When you don’t intake carbs at all, body is forced to burn fat stored in skin cells. This process is the reason of bad breath and body odor. Use strong fragrances and fresheners to suppress the smell.

antiperspirant spray - Are aniperspirants really bad for health

Junk Food

Anything which is Junk i.e made in factories causes body odor. The simple reason is our body does not know how to break down foods which are not natural and in the process struggles a lot that releases lot of unwanted substances though breath and skin. Go junk free for a week and notice the difference. You will be amazed!


I hope you like the post πŸ™‚ . Let me know if you experiences some other food item that makes you stinky πŸ˜›

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