5 Foods That Contain Hidden Caffeine


Foods That Contain Hidden Caffeine

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Do you wake up with a cup of coffee each day? The caffeine present in coffee is one of the oldest stimulants in the world that can lift you up when you feel sluggish. Most office-goers keep refilling their coffee mugs umpteen times a day at work to be able to concentrate on their tasks.

Caffeine need not be demonized because a healthy adult can consume 300 – 400 mg of it and enjoy its health benefits such as improved concentration and longevity. However going overboard with it can cause anxiety, insomnia and an increased belly fat. Children are the worst affected and that is why parents always keep them away from energy drinks, coffee and tea. However, caffeine can be in other foods too and that is why you must check food labels. Here is a list of foods that contain hidden caffeine that will take you by surprise,

1) Protein bars

Snack bars or protein bars ideally contain nuts and dried fruits. However, there are some bars that have caffeine in them. You must be really careful while purchasing one. The snack bars for your children should always be checked for their caffeine content.

2) Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee does not necessarily mean that it is completely free of caffeine. With the removal of 97% of the caffeine, a coffee can be marketed as ‘Decaf’ coffee according to FDA. So, if you are under the impression that your cup of decaf coffee has no caffeine in it, you need a reality check!

3) Ice cream

This is not where you will expect caffeine to be but if your ice cream has coffee in it, it can contain caffeine. If you are keeping a tab on your caffeine consumption, you should be careful while ordering ice creams with names like ‘mocha’ and ‘java’.

4) Chocolate bars

Cocoa beans have caffeine in them and any product made out of them will naturally contain caffeine. Cocoa beans also have a compound called theobromine which is also a stimulant. So, your favourite chocolates have naturally occurring caffeine in them! Also, the darker the chocolate, the more the caffeine in it! The same goes for hot chocolate. Do your kids love hot chocolate? And do you as well? It is high time that you as a parent restrict your child’s chocolate intake.

5) Energy boosting waters

Water? How can it give you the jitters? Well, it is possible because these days you can find fancy flavoured waters in the supermarket that claim to provide you with energy. There are some waters that have plant extracts containing two times more caffeine than what is present in coffee seeds. Vitamin Water Energy also has caffeine in it to the tune 50 mg in a half litre bottle.

I am sure that you are consuming at least half of the above foods and drinks mentioned here and don’t know that you are ingesting caffeine!

Please read the label on the product you are purchasing off the shelf and check for caffeine content.

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