10 Healthy Foods That Go Well With Alcohol


Healthy Foods That Go Well With Alcohol

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It is a well known and proven fact that when one consumes alcohol, one tends to grow hungry. The main reason behind this is that alcohol stimulates a person’s appetite in such a way that you would crave for food that is rich in salt and has lots of fibre. Consuming alcohol without paying heed to your hunger can lead to several health problems related to the liver.

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

While consuming alcohol you might be inclined towards snacking on pizza, nuts and French fries. However, it is wiser to go in for healthier food choices.

Choosing salt laden foods can worsen the dehydrating effect alcohol has on the body. Foods high in fibre are also not a good option at such a time as they delay digestion and that is not a good sign. It is also advised that you avoid eating foods in large portions before going to bed, especially when you have consumed alcohol.

Here is a list of Healthy Foods That Go Well With Alcohol

1) Soup

Chicken soup recipe

Choose a clear soup like clear chicken soup or clear vegetable soup that has a broth like texture. It is way more nutritious than creamy soups that are more likely to make you feel heavy and slow down digestion.

2) Rice

brown white rice

Plain rice is most welcome. It is the best food as it is easy to digest and when paired with a light veggie dish, it gets more nutritious.

3) Chicken sandwich

 healthy foods that go well with alcohol, grilled chicken sandwich

You can have a grilled chicken sandwich without adding cheese or mayo to it. It is a good choice as it has sodium in it.

4) Popcorn


Popcorn is free of fat (provided it is air popped without adding butter or oil) and is also not high in fibre. It is a perfect low calorie snack that gets well along with alcohol and tastes pretty good too.

5) Wheat crackers

wheat crackers

Wheat crackers have whole grains and are full of complex carbs that help alcohol to get absorbed easily. It also has vitamin B that gets reduced during alcohol intake.

6) Banana

bananas_tummy flattening foods

When you drink alcohol the level of potassium in the body decreases. So, you need to eat something that is rich in potassium. The humble banana comes to the rescue. Though you would not like to have a banana with alcohol, it is quite healthy and you should consider doing so.

7) Wheat bread

whole grain bread ornish diet

You can toast slices of wheat bread and consume it along with alcohol without cheese or butter. It is a good replacement for whole wheat crackers.

8) Oats

oats weight loss

It is easy to digest cooked food with alcohol. So a bowl of cooked oatmeal is a really healthy option as an accompaniment to alcohol. You can add some spices to make it even more flavourful.

9) Salad

winter salad raw

Salad is both healthy and refreshing. Even though it is bland, you should choose this as an accompaniment instead of salt laden foods.

10) Cereal with milk


Whole grain cereal cooked with milk is very healthy.

You can get rid of the ill effects of alcohol by paying attention to what you eat along with it. However, if you have any specific kind of problem, you should consult a nutritionist.

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