5 Foods That Must Be Banned After Maggi


5 Foods That Must Be Banned After Maggi

High Dose Of MSG,Lead In Maggi 2015 India

Maggi Ban in India has shook Nestle’s brand value and drastically reduced its revenue. Maggi is one of the flagship products of Nestle in India, no other noodles stands anywhere. Maggi has been banned in various parts of India after high levels of lead and MSG were found in it.

However, we at Indian Weight Loss Blog also think that there are more products that should meet the same fate like Maggi. Yes, they must be banned. Let’s see what they are –

Food products to be banned

Sugar laden fruit flavored powders

These are your favorite powders which are available in various flavors like lemon, orange. I am sure you all know the names, just that I don’t want them to sue me 😛 . These powders are not fruit extracts; they are mere flavored powders with added sugar. Add water and ice and they make a yummy drink full of chemicals and sugar 🙁

Packaged juices


These are not “real” juices at all. God only will know what kind of fruits/vegetables the juice manufacturers use for these juices. Most of them are loaded with preservatives to increase their shelf lives. Some brands contain whopping sugar levels which are way more than daily allowed sugar level.

Ready to eat noodles

Any Indian who went on a road trip or travelled would have definitely feasted on ready to eat noodles. Yes I am talking about the noodles cup in which you just need to add hot water, keep for two minutes and noodles are good to go. They are the worst food a human could possibly eat! They must be banned without any further delay.

Soft drinks

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Soft drinks are no better than toilet cleaners. They can literally wash away kidneys and intestines. People who drink soft drinks daily are reported to undergo stomach pain followed by removal of a part of large intestine some point in their life. I really don’t understand what enjoyment people get in consuming soft drinks daily, with meals. A few of my colleagues can’t have lunch without soft drink; as if need it to gulp down their food.

Ready to eat sweets

Ready to eat sweets  are now available at all supermarkets. For example rasgullas. They are kept in tins for months. How can a sweet remain good in taste without going bad for months? How can it be fresh? These ready made sweets must be banned. They not only are high in sugar, but are full of preservatives.

These 5 were in my view, must Be Banned After Maggi.

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What foods in your view should join in this list? Share with us.

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