9 Foods That Nutritionists Don’t Eat!!


9 Foods That Nutritionists Don’t Eat!!

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Everyone is all ears when nutritionists share diet tips but have you ever paid attention to what they don’t eat? It matters a lot you know! Here is what nutritionists and dieticians totally avoid to stay healthy and fit.

1) Meat gravy

A top celebrity diet advisor says that he totally shuns the gravy in chicken and fish dishes. He does so because the gravy holds all the fat of the meat. He instead separates meat chunks and eats the up.

2) Pastries

How To Curb Sugar Cravings

Diet experts steer clear of sugar loaded pastries when they get a sweet craving. What do they eat instead? Well, they are also humans like us and crave sweets so they have dates instead!

3) White rice

Many nutritionists avoid white rice as it contains fat as well as carbs. They opt for the healthier variety and that is brown rice. Brown rice is free of fat and is packed with pure carbs and lots of high quality protein.

4) ‘Diet’ foods


Most dieticians are wary about eating any snack that bears a ‘diet’ label. In spite of being baked instead of fried, these are high in salt content. ‘Fat free’ foods are unhealthy as they add too much of sugar or salt just to make up for the missing fat.

5) Artificial sweeteners

Many dieticians say a big NO to artificial sweeteners. They have terrible impact on health. Artificial sweeteners are usually found in zero calorie drinks, the so called diet sodas you know! Studies say that they can damage the nerves in the long run.

6) Dairy products

Milk nutrition facts

There are some dieticians who avoid dairy. You can read about ‘dairy-good or bad’ here! It is said that dairy doesn’t get assimilated properly by the body. In the olden days milk used to be pure and today dairy is far from being healthy as it goes through processes like pasteurisation and homogenisation. The protein casein present in milk doesn’t suit the body leading to digestive issues.

7) Sugar

Nutritionists have also banned sugar in their lives. Sugar is just empty calories and it strips you of minerals and makes you prone to health issues. The stomach, spleen and pancreas are thrown out of gear. The body’s pH balance also gets disturbed. It is safer to use stevia!

8) ‘Sugar free’ products

Xylitol sugar alcohol good for dental health

Many nutritionists read the ingredients list in detail and find out the hidden sugar in fine print. You need to be aware about words like malt extracts and fructose corn syrup that are nothing but added sugars. Foods saying that they are totally free of sugar are often loaded with hidden sugars. This is why most diet experts avoid them. Anyone can fall a prey to the tricks of food companies if they are not careful. Unnecessary calories can easily sneak into your body.

9) Salads at restaurants during monsoon

There are some diet experts who avoid eating salads at restaurants during rains, especially leafy greens like lettuce as they can have worms. They also avoid sauces and chutney bottles in restaurants as they are used by a number of people and from the hygiene point of view are not advisable. Also to preserve such accompaniments a lot of oil and salt is added and you can easily give them a skip.

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