Foods To Avoid And Consume To Combat Anxiety


What foods you need to avoid and consume to fight anxiety?

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There are a lot of people around who suffer silently with anxiety. This post highlights how diet can help such people.

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Anxiety is not caused by the food you eat but the truth is that avoiding certain foods can help fight the symptoms of anxiety. What you eat does affect how you feel. Those who live with anxiety can change their diet in order to relieve themselves of anxiety symptoms.

What foods to avoid?

It is said that healthy eating makes a difference in the case of anxiety. Staying away from burgers and eating more of veggies can help in keeping your anxiety in check.

If you want to create an anti-anxiety diet, you should eliminate or remove the following foods:

1) Fried foods

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Fried foods are hard to digest and have almost nil nutritional content. It becomes difficult to reduce anxiety levels if the body isn’t processing the food consumed by you properly.

2) Alcohol

Alcohol is bad for the body. It tends to dehydrate the body and disrupts your nutritional and hormonal balance. In fact it can trigger anxiety attacks.

3) Coffee

Too much of coffee stimulates anxiety. When consumed in moderation, such as one a day, it may not trigger anxiety in most individuals. Coffee increases heartbeat and certain sensations that create panic attacks.

4) Dairy

Dairy isn’t bad for you but in excess it can increase your adrenaline levels and result in anxiety. Cut back on dairy if after consuming it you feel more anxious.

5) Refined sugars

Sugar present in fruits is not too bad but added sugar is. Refined sugar is harmful to health in several ways. Sugar just like caffeine makes you feel jittery.

Keep in mind that anxiety cannot be cured by plainly avoiding the above foods. However, it will be of help to you if you find that you over-consume a specific type of food on this list. Eating healthy foods is the need of the hour for your overall health.

Foods to eat to eliminate anxiety

There a lot of foods that help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. When you eat healthy, your hormonal functioning is also healthy.

1) Fresh fruits and veggies

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Your body requires carbs and sugar but not the refined one. Fresh fruits contain sugar in them that can be converted to energy. Along with natural sugar it also offers essential nutrients. So, don’t forget to eat a lot of fresh fruits. Now coming to veggies, you get a lot of essential vitamins and minerals from it.

2) Water

When you don’t drink enough water, you have more chances of getting dehydrated. Dehydration most often leads to anxiety. So, make sure that you consume enough water regularly.

3) Foods rich in tryptophan

Foods rich in tryptophan are quite effective in reducing anxiety. Tryptophan is a natural relaxant and helps increase the body’s metabolism. Foods like oats, sesame seeds, soy and poultry have a good amount of tryptophan.

4) Magnesium rich foods

Many people are deficient in the mineral magnesium. It is known to play an important role in several bodily processes. So, do include magnesium rich foods in your diet.

5) Omega 3

There is evidence that says that omega 3 is important for fighting anxiety and depression. Food sources that contain omega 3 are flax seed and fish.

The foods mentioned above don’t cure anxiety but helps in making an ongoing anxiety treatment work.

Hope this post on Foods To Avoid And Consume To Combat Anxiety has been useful!

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