What Foods To Avoid During Summer?

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5 Foods To Avoid During Summer

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More on summer on our blog! Like I have mentioned in my other posts, this is one season that I truly enjoy. The main reasons are that I was born in summer and I love mangoes! 😛 I haven’t had to chance to sink my teeth into one yet! Got to wait! Okay, so let us get started with the post!


Summers are the times when you like to have something light and cooling but at the same time delicious! However, there are more chances of food products to go bad easily due to rise in heat. There are 5 kinds of foods that you must be cautious about in summer in order to avoid stomach infections. These foods can get stale quickly in this season. So, here are the foods to avoid during summer.

1) Dairy products

milk and cheese

Dairy products are something that go bad easily in summers when left at room temperature. By dairy products I mean milk, paneer, cheese is every form and of course the humble yoghurt. Just ensure that you keep them refrigerated. Avoid milk products from roadside vendors in this season when the chances of them getting spoiled are more.

2) Cut fruits

post workout bingeing woman fruits

A plate of freshly cut fruits is always welcome and it is healthy too. In summer you get a lot of melons, grapes, mangoes and the like. Feeling like having a plateful of them right now? But you need to be careful about these too. If your plate has been out in open for a long while, you better avoid consuming the fruits. You see, in summer the heat helps the bacteria in growing on moist surfaces and that surface is provided by cut fruits. The nutrients also get robbed off. Say no to the cut fruits available at the roadside market as you don’t know since how long they have been kept out in the open.

3) Fruit juices

apricot-juice Do you suffer from body heat

What has been said about fruits holds good for fruit juices too. To get maximum nutrition go in for natural fruit juices and chuck the packaged ones. Remember to juice the fruits and drink it as soon as you can. Leaving them out in the open for too long will lead to growth of bacteria.

4) Cold cuts

salami - cold cuts of meat what foods to avoid in summer

Your ham and salami have more chances of going bad than other foods. Cold cuts, when kept unrefrigerated for a long time can lead to stomach infections and indigestion because of the build up of bacteria. If you really want to have a salami salad then make it fresh and have it within 15 mins of preparation.

5) Cooked veggies with spices

Broccoli And Mushroom Stir-Fry No 6

Don’t eat food that you cooked more than 1 day ago. Even if you have been refrigerating it, don’t keep it for long. Within a few hours of cooking, the veggies and spices begin getting degenerated. It would be advisable to cook food in smaller batches in summer and finish it off in a day or two.

I guess now you will be extra careful about everything you eat in this scorching hot summer. Stay healthy and be free of stomach infection.

Hope you found this post on Foods To Avoid During Summer useful!

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