Foods To Avoid when You Are On Weight Loss


Foods To Avoid when You Are On Weight Loss:-

Avoiding desserts and fried foods may seem like a no-brainer for weight watchers but there are many other things that are consumed mindlessly which prevent weight loss. Some items have hidden sugar and carbs that most of us do not realize. People keep thinking of losing weight and feel frustrated when there is not much success. If you are facing hurdles in losing weight then try cutting down following food items from your diet-

foods to avoid when you are on weight loss

Readymade Smoothies

We agree that smoothies are healthy and all but only when they have only the healthy ingredients. When you make a smoothie at home, you know what has gone into it but in market, the smoothies are loaded with sugar. They may also contain ice cream. All this will sabotage your low-carb diet.

Diet Soda:-

Diet sodas do nothing to keep you from gaining kilos. Regular diet soda drinkers should avoid it as much as possible. Plain water is way better than empty calories.

Salty Snacks:-

Readymade salty snacks have very high sodium content. You may think that these do not have sugar but too much salt can also prevent you from losing weight. Packets of chips and fried foods are addictive so steer clear of them.

Processed Foods:-

These contain not only preservatives but also corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Extra salt and sugar are unavoidable in processed foods. So even if a box says that the food inside is meant for dieters, stay away. The best strategy is to read and understand the labels.

food to avoid when on weight loss

White flour:-

White flour in any form is bad for weight watchers. Bakery products like donuts are nothing but sticky white flour and sugar. White flour does nothing to help in weight reduction.

Butter Popcorn:-

Plain popcorn is the best. Any kind of flavored popcorns are rich only in fats and carbs. The so called butter popcorns don’t have even a single drop of butter. All the flavours are created using ingredients that are not good for maintaining a healthy weight.


Another misleading term! Multigrain products have no fibre usually and more often than not, wheat makes up most of the grain percentage in multigrain food items. It is better to look for foods with whole-grains.

Bottled Green Tea:-

It may seem like totally harmless and healthy but bottled green tea is not much better than the diet sodas and other beverages. Its ingredients make you gain weight and not lose it.

Alcohol- Though these may not taste like sugar, but alcoholic drinks are concentrated sugar only. These make you bloat and gain weight very quickly.

What food do you avoid  when You Are On Weight Loss?

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