Top 5 Foods To Build Muscle


Here Are Top 5 Foods To Build Muscle!

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There are many people who want build muscle and are in search for the right foods for that to happen. Apart from working out even diet lays a big role in building muscle. Agree? Now, there exist a hundred varieties of food that help in building muscle. But if you have to pick up just 5 foods that you can eat forever, you would want to choose foods that cover your different nutritional needs so that you don’t lose your precious muscle mass. For that you would need:

  • Protein to build and repair tissues and muscle.
  • Fats to reduce inflammation and encourage the right hormones.
  • Phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins for general health.
  • Nutrient dense calories to provide enough energy.

1) Salmon

salmon health nad nutritional benefits

The all-rounder award goes to salmon when you talk about foods to build muscle. Salmon is loaded with protein and omega 3 fats. Both the nutrients are essential to build and repair muscles and also to keep your hunger in control. Salmon is rich in key nutrients too such as vitamins B12, D, niacin and selenium. The fish also has health benefits like reducing cholesterol and improving memory power.

2) Eggs


Close competitors to salmon are eggs. Eggs are packed with several essential muscle-building nutrients. The plus point is that you can’t get bored of eating them as you can cook in several ways. One egg has about 7-8 g of protein along with omega 3, vitamins and minerals. Studies also say that having eggs for breakfast will keep you full for long.

3) Almonds


Of all the nuts created b nature, almonds are known to be the best for the nutrients they offer. Almonds are known to be just perfect for your muscles, They are full of protein and fibre. They make you feel full as well as help repair worn out muscles. Almonds also contain healthy fats that make you feel satiated, provide energy, ward off joint pain and boost cognition. The best part is that you can carry them along wherever you go and just have a few when hunger strikes.

4) Sweet potatoes

sweet potato

The best of all the starchy carbs are sweet potatoes. They have a sweet taste and easy to make. Just boil a few peel them, dice them, add some chat masala and you are ready to rock with a great sweet potato chat! Sweet potatoes are complex carbs that also have vitamin A and the B vitamins along with fibre. The combination is perfect for an athlete to feel satiated even when on a diet. You can consume sweet potatoes as a pre-workout or post-workout meal.

5) Apples

apple_for diabetics

This fruit is given a very high preference for variety of reasons. Of course there is the old adage- ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Apples make a good post-workout snack and are a great source of fibre, carbs and electrolytes. The skin has many phytonutrients that are needed by the body. Being sweet in taste and low in calories, they really work in curbing cravings, especially when you head for a mid-night snack!

So, these were the top 5 foods that help in building muscles. All of them are easily available can be included in your diet without any hassle.

Hope this post was useful!

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