8 Foods You Should Say NO To When On A Weight Loss Journey!

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What All to Avoid When On A Weight Loss Journey?

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You are what you eat! If you dream of a 10/10 figure, you just have to say no to certain foods. Here they are:

1) French fries and potato chips

French fries spilling out of paper bag

Whole potatoes may be filling and healthy but potato chips and fries are not. They have a lot of calories and it is quite easy to consume too many. Studies link potato chips and fries to weight gain. So stay away from them!

2) Sugar loaded drinks

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Sugar loaded soft drinks are one of the unhealthiest foods on Earth. They are not just linked with weight gain but have also been proved to have ill-effects on health. The liquid calories don’t get registered in the brain the way solid food calories are. They also don’t fill your stomach and hence you won’t tend to reduce your solid food intake to compensate. You end up consuming more calories than you normally do. Please give up sugary drinks completely if you want to lose weight.

3) White bread

Foods Which Make You Fat white bread

White bread is made out of refined flour and has added sugar in it. Being high on the GI, it can spike levels of blood sugar. It increases your risk of weight gain and obesity. You can go in for healthier breads like multigrain bread or even Ezekiel bread.

4) Fruit juices

packaged juice cancer

What fruit juice you make out of fresh fruits is totally different from the packaged one that you get in the supermarket. Packaged fruit juices are processed and sugar loaded. They are more or less like soft drinks! They also lack in fibre, which means a glass of packaged orange juice will not make you feel as full as an orange would. Better stick to whole fruit!

5) Cakes, pastries and cookies

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Cakes, pastries and cookies are packed with unhealthy stuff like refined flour and added sugar. They also contain trans-fat which is linked to several diseases. Instead of such goodies, go in for some dark chocolate when you crave something sweet.

6) Ice Cream

fat free ice cream not healthy

Being high in calories and loaded with sugar, ice cream is an unhealthy food. While it is okay to have a small portion of it occasionally, going overboard with it is quite easy as it is delicious 😛 Try making your own ice cream at home with healthier ingredients.

7) Pizza

Why Paneer Parantha Is Better Than Cheese Pizza 1

Commercial pizzas are very unhealthy. Apart from being high in calories, they contain unhealthy stuff like refined flour and processed meat. If you love pizzas try making them at home with healthy ingredients.

8) Foods with added sugar

no sugar please

The worst thing in modern diet is added sugar. Consuming it in excess amounts can cause serious diseases. Foods that are high in sugar provide just empty calories and are not filling. Breakfast cereals, granola bars and low fat yoghurt are a few examples of foods with added sugar. Be extra careful with foods that are labeled as ‘low fat’ or ‘fat-free’ as food companies add a lot of sugar into it to make up for the lost flavour due to the removal of fat.

Hope you will stay away from the foods mentioned above and choose healthier alternatives. These foods are not just obstructions to your weight loss goals but also to your health goal.

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