Four Steps To Weight Loss And Good Health


Four Steps To Weight Loss And Good Health

Hi dear ones,

How are you all? Welcoming winters and hot food? Or are you sulking over that winters are going to ruin your weight loss plan? Are you usually avoiding dinner parties, meeting with friends, throwing up, popping laxatives?
I have been through a phase where I usually would not go out to meet my friends; I used to feel that I would look hideous in the only clothes I have that fit me! I thought my other thin friends would look so beautiful and I would be the odd one out. I never appreciated my body. I even pinched my arms to make myself punish. But did it help, no way. I was sort of depressed and I would binge eat anyway.
I did not have a proper exercise plan; I would just do something random, like running one day, skipping meals, puking out the food which is also a condition known as Bulimia.
Let me tell you a few things which helped me losing weight and yet I was always encouraged to do something more for myself:

Eat well to make your skin looking good

Health in four steps

Yes, first rule is to eat well, include foods like nuts, dark chocolates and green leafy vegetables in your diet and you will start noticing that your skin and hair feels better. That is the first step to get motivated. And trust me, no shampoo and no cream can make you look good. Oh also, no lipsticks, BB creams and the works will work on you. Thus eat well, eat fresh and learn to cook to help you understand your food.

Make an exercise plan to add some muscle building to your routine:

Health and weightloss

I started with yoga, I still love yoga and I will definitely do something more in this. Anyway, I found my pace and I started to focus. It wasn’t like I was exercising every single day. Since I was working, I would head to the gym straight after work and the days I was tired, I would not push myself to gym. Thus, please don’t push yourself to do something which you cannot.
One thing that I see a lot of people avoiding is weight training, strength training. If you keep doing only cardio, the body will do nothing major to it. Thus add some weight training and see the difference. Body remains in workout mode when you do muscle training even after you leave your gym.

Listen to music to try Yog Nidra:

health steps yog nidra

Have you ever wondered how music inspires you? Listen to something peaceful, English, Hindi, folk it doesn’t matter. But yeah you do want to avoid those item numbers.
When we listen to peaceful music, it helps you relax and good thoughts come to our mind. I recently learned about Yog Nidra, which helps you meditate and think rationally. I had a heavy day at work one day, I was upset, I had a lot of stuff to do at home, maids were giving me trouble and my boss did not like my face. I was upset. Really upset. Normally I would have gone out had a nice dinner with my family and had desserts to make myself feel better, but instead I headed to my yoga class and luckily we did Yog Nidra for 45 minutes. I loved it. I felt so much better. I went home happy and decided to deal with life as it comes. Deal with life as it comes and don’t punish yourself. If you stay happy and keep track it can help you with losing weight.

Indulge once in a while and enjoy that plum cake on Christmas:

health and weight loss love yourself

Why not give yourself a break at times, just sit back and kick off the shoes. And just enjoy eating what you love the most. Don’t deprive yourself all the time, since it can be dangerous. You might just give up and eat it all at once. Just enjoy life how it is meant to be. Enjoy festivals, have homemade sweets, share them with your loved ones. Why not enjoy life and take it as it comes.
I hope this helps you, I have been through the stage where I was very unhappy about my body, ditch that. People have missing limbs, thank god for what you have.

Love yourself.

Are you ready to take those four steps to weight loss and good health?

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