Four Things You Must Promise Yourself To Lose Weight


Four Things You Must Promise Yourself To Lose Weight


Most of my friends have already become fans of IWB, and thanks to the team behind India’s number one fitness blog; best sharing practices are possible too. Together we can and together we will make a difference, and we aren’t looking for fame as such – your health is the best gift or token of appreciation we receive. Today, I shall like to speak with you about five promises that I made to myself and would like you too to do so. It is about how to eat right and make food habits work for you.

It began on Friday, I remember my post on the ‘Ugly Duckling Turning Into A Swan’? Well, it was a story of battling with weight and self-esteem, and I overcame that to a certain extent; still working on it though. But, this Friday I was in for a shock – I gained a pound.

Blame it on the ghee ka ladoos and the barfis my chachis and mausis and buas fed me with (for them I shall always be the scrawny one *rolls eyes*), my sweet tooth was treated with royalty – Christmas is almost knocking and I have to look dapper at the church social do – midnight service; help is what I needed.

Here are the four promises I have made to myself.

I am going to watch my carbs

carbs weight lossThis whole month was about eating junk and fat, and fats and junk and more of it – bad, bad, bad! But, not all ‘carbs’ are bad for the body – get this right. My dietician says I need to have at least 45-50 percent of it in my daily intake – low-glycemic carbs, which wouldn’t spike my blood sugar levels. My plate should have legumes, wholegrain, fruits and lentils, nuts, seeds and veggies, including low-fat dairy produce.

I will eat by 8pm every night

Four Things You Must Promise Yourself To Lose WeightDinners are to be done early – my dad downs a cup of coffee at that time *sigh*

Well, I shall not do that anymore – I am not going to allow my system to be loaded with junk and that too at the wrong time – it doesn’t help. I sleep at 11pm, so 3 hours before that is when I would have my healthy dinner – soups, salads and a roti with subji. This would help me sleep well, on time, adhering to the natural sleep cycle, will keep my hormonal game in place and my metabolism would be fine. So small dinners and an early one it is!

I shall have more probiotics and eggs

eggs nutritious weight lossThe yolk of an egg as many say can be fattening; it has 13 essential nutrients too – vitamins A, B, and D included. Yolks also have micronutrients which help protect the retina, the heart and the skin. I need to find the right probiotics yogurt to consume – any suggestions here, please let me know. The friendly bacteria in it would help with my digestive system, my overall health and my well-being too.

I shall have more nuts

I deal with nuts (people), now I shall have the real ones and more – no cholesterol to worry about and they lower the same in my body too – it has fatty acid profiling and nutritional properties, along with bioactive constituents, which helps keep the heart safe, the body in good shape and free from cancers, osteoporosis, asthma and obesity, including hypertension too.

Remember, diseases and ailments happen because of the way we choose to live and through what we eat. Make a pledge for yourself starting today, let’s be together and battle this out. If you need more help, try checking IWB’s fitness regime – it has worked for many and shall for you as well!

Are you going to make these four promises today?