Free Magic Pill for Weight loss!


Free Magic Pill for Weight loss!

Since the last few weeks, my weight loss pictures, which were published on this blog, have been doing the rounds. Some weight loss supplement brand has been using it and claiming that I have used them for losing weight. The pics are posted with the name of Nikita, who is married and has three kids. The article comes in the form of an ad that claims to help you lose 5 dress sizes in 2 weeks.

Priyanka's Weight Loss Story before after pic

First thing first, I am neither married nor do I have kids. Yes I did look like a married aunty at one point during my early 20s but I never used the so called ‘Miracle Pills’ to lose weight. The people who have been with me know how hard I worked to lose the weight. I used to work out 7 days a week and stopped eating out altogether for almost a year.

Just like there is no shortcut to success, there is no short cut to weight loss. You want to lose weight, work hard. In the recent few months, I haven’t been paying attention to myself. I haven’t worked out in weeks but I am keeping a tab on my food habits. Even with that I can see my body revolting. I wish the thing about the pills true. I could have just popped a pill every day and look glamorous.

I had known about the pictures since a few months but was compelled to write this today because people believe the pictures. We are trying to seek legal help but it seems like the damage is already done. People who know me are simply ignoring the post and concentrating on the picture. The questions that I get are- ‘Are these pills really effective?’ ‘Did you use the pills?’, ‘Do you think I should buy them?.’ This is disappointing. We are all fighting our battles related to weight loss but that does not mean we abuse our body by simply gulping down whatever ‘magical pills’ come our way. The pills don’t have magic. The magic is within you and it is called determination.

I had the determination to lose weight 4 years back and it was only that magic which helped me get a better body. You have to understand that you need to love your body and take care of it. The only formula for losing weight is through a combination of exercise and weight loss. If you really want to lose weight, then you need to work for it.

Please do not believe the web pages that have stolen all these weight loss pictures and are using them. The products that they are selling are harmful for your body. I see people around me who are ready to take in anything just to lose weight. They don’t even think twice before taking in or experimenting with fat burners or other such pills. The reality is that consuming such products can actually damage your liver and kidney. What good is a perfect figure if you don’t live long enough to enjoy it?

Working out is hard, I know it, but that is the best and the most effective way to be fit. It makes you lose, helps combat skin breakouts, makes your skin glow and improves your stamina. Combine your exercises with a good diet and you have the magical formula for a good body and a better you.

In the end, I want to request all of you not to follow such web pages blindly or order their products. You are simply wasting money and damaging your body.

PS- While writing this post, I realised how much I used to enjoy working out. It used to de-stress me and make me happy. The initial days are tough as you have to deal with lot of muscle soreness. But this time, I have my magical formula- determination. I am off the couch to work out. How about you?

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