Fresh Breeze-Ways To Get More Of It


Fresh Breeze-Ways To Get More Of It

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People always say that they love fresh breeze but instead of going ahead and enjoying it, they get cooped up in air-conditioned offices and living rooms filled with stale air. On a personal note I love the sea breeze blowing against my face but I don’t get to visit the sea shore that often. However, I make sure that every evening I go outdoors and get some fresh air. It is magical you know! It is as if all your worries are just melting away! The famous titanic pose is the one you should do in the fresh breeze but make sure no one is watching 😛 You can enjoy the early morning breeze which is very rejuvenating. If you are not a morning person, no problem, you can enjoy the evening breeze too!

How To Improve Indoor Ventilation fresh-air

Living indoors isn’t doing anything or your health. Spending time watching TV or surfing the net is only spoiling your health. Even little kids these days have very little outdoor activities. It is said that when children spend more time outdoors, they have low levels of stress and better performance at school. Also being outdoors during the day will provide them with more vitamin D, which is essential for the body.

Heading outdoors makes you exercise and stay healthy. Here are ways to get more chances of heading outdoors and enjoying a dose of fresh air:

Make outdoor activity compulsory

Make your family get access to the fresh breeze by heading outdoors. It can be something as simple as a bicycle ride or an after dinner walk. There are a lot of health benefits of an after dinner walk. Click here to know more about it. On weekends you can go out for a picnic with your family in green areas. Pack a little tasty food and enjoy playing with your kids on a shady spot. You can extend it till it gets dark even and look for constellations in the sky above.

Do gardening

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Apart from getting fresh air and lots of exercise you will get healthy veggies to eat too. Involve kids in gardening as it is a fun activity that is good for them. It has been found that children who do gardening score 12% higher in academic tests. It also makes them love nature more. It is a great stress relieving hobby for adults. To read more about stress relieving hobbies click here!

Cook outdoors

grilled veggies- ordering healthy at restaurants

Cooking and eating outdoors is a great way to get some fresh breeze. The whole family can spend some quality time together this way. So, just fire up the grill and enjoy kebabs and grilled veggies. Here is a post on what all healthy stuff you can grill- click!

Try sleeping under the stars

Aah! This has been my dream since childhood, to sleep under the stars. But due to practical difficulties it just has not be possible. I am always said that a poisonous insect might bite you in the night or it isn’t safe for you to sleep outdoors. Oh well, let the dream be in my heart and I hope it gets fulfilled soon! But it is possible to spend the evenings under the stars, counting and recounting them. Kids really get excited when told to spend time looking at the stars. This way they get good fresh breeze as well as dreams in their eyes!

Will get some fresh breeze?

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