Frozen Fruit Myths Busted!


Top Frozen Fruit Myths Busted!

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There is ample evidence that frozen fruits are just as good as fresh ones but people still feel that fresh is the best!

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Eating fresh is great and many people are said to be following that mantra of healthy eating. Also, most of us have pre-formed ideas with regard to freezing, especially notions with the ways used prior to quick freezing technology. It brings images of ice-encased foods to the mind that lack nutritional value and taste. These ideas are pretty old school.

It is very important to consume the recommended servings of fruits and veggies every day. Fruits help in maintaining weight, preventing illnesses and improving health. So, won’t it be great if you get your favourite fruits all year round? It is possible only if you go in for frozen fruits. But like as already mentioned, most people are not too convinced about eating frozen fruits.

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Let us debunk frozen fruit myths and make people head more towards the freezer section!

Myth 1: Frozen fruit is not as nutritious as fresh fruit

Not true! Way back in 1998, FDA confirmed that frozen fruits and veggies have the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh ones. This seems like great news for those who want a year-round supply of healthy fruits.

Quick frozen fruits such as blueberries can actually be healthier than fresh ones. They retain their nutritional value for a longer time. With the IQF or individually quick-frozen method, fruits can be frozen when they are at the peak of freshness. The value of the fruit doesn’t deteriorate during periods of storage. The taste and nutrition of the fruit gets locked in for a time period when it is frozen. Technology, I tell you!

Myth 3: Frozen fruits are globs of ice

Not true! With IQF technology, delicate foods such as berries are well preserved. Berries hold their shape and texture through the quick freezing method – they do not glob together as balls of ice. Also their quality stays good for 2 years. This means that you won’t be struggling hard while handling them.

Myth 4: Frozen fruit is harder to use for meals

Definitely not! When it comes to making frosty and nutritious smoothies nothing is better than IQF fruit. You won’t find it difficult to use them up in dishes.

Myth 5: Frozen fruit is not of premium quality

Not true! The most popular frozen fruit brands freeze only premium fruits to offer you with a superior product consistently.

Myth 6: Frozen fruits have additives

Nope! Frozen fruit is just plain fruit unless the label of the pack says otherwise. Frozen fruits such as blueberries have only one ingredient – the fruit. There are no syrups or additives added!

Myth 7: Frozen food is expensive

Not at all! Frozen fruits are available at a remarkable value when compared to the in-season pricing of the same fruits. Buying bulk packages makes things even more economical.

Here we have busted 7 common frozen fruits myths. What do you feel about them? Share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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