Frozen shoulder – Exercises To Treat It


Frozen shoulder – Have A Look At The Exercises To Treat It

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Have you ever suffered from a frozen shoulder? Your doctor would have prescribed you with lots of allopathic drugs to provide relief from the pain. However, you should learn more about this ailment and know what physiotherapy exercises help in reducing it.

A frozen shoulder is marked by pain, stiffness and an inability to move the shoulder.

Frozen shoulder

How to treat a frozen shoulder?

Leaving a frozen shoulder untreated may work in a few rare cases but it is a bad idea as you have the risk of living with the pain for as long as 3 years. Any doc or physiotherapist will advise you to take medicines, physical therapy, surgery and good care.

To remove the ailment, physiotherapy is the best bet. For a frozen shoulder, there are simple exercises that do much more than reducing pain when compared to allopathic care.


Here are some easy physiotherapy exercises that work well:

Pendulum stretch

This is the first and foremost exercise you should be doing to reduce the pain associated with a frozen shoulder.

Start doing the pendulum stretch by relaxing your shoulders. Place the arm that is alright on a table and shift your weight to it by bending forward. Allow your affected arm to move in the air freely. Swing your arm in a small circle of a small diameter. After giving sufficient force to your arm to move, let it move the way a pendulum does. Don’t force the arm to move unless you feel you are losing speed.

As and when you start feeling better, you can increase the diameter of your arm’s swing. Never force the swinging action; allow it to happen naturally. Gradually, even light weights can be added to your hand.

Towel stretch

For this exercise, you need a 100 cm towel. Hold one end of it behind your back and grab the towel’s opposite end with your other hand. Use the good arm to pull the towel in upward direction and despite the minor pain, you need to keep tugging at your affected arm with your good arm. Do this exercise for 10 to 20 days for best results.

Cross-body reach

For this exercise, you can either sit or stand. Hold the affected arm with your good arm by the elbow and bring the affected arm of yours across the body gradually. This will gently put pressure on your shoulder. You can hold the stretch for 15 to 20 secs. Do this exercise 10-20 times a day. It is a very effective exercise for treating frozen shoulder.

Finger walk

This is more of a game. Face the wall and maintain a distance of 3/4th of your arm. At the waist level, touch wall with 2 fingertips. Walk the 2 fingers up the wall till you have lifted your arm as high as comfortably possible. Don’t move anything except your fingers. Lower your arm back from where you started and repeat. Do this exercise 10-20 times a day.

Armpit stretch

Place your arms on a shelf that is as high as your chest. If it is difficult to place your affected arm, you can place your good arm on top of the shelf. Slightly bend your knees and gently stretch your armpit and shoulder area. Then straighten when you feel uncomfortable. Do this 10 to 20 times a day.

The above exercises, when done religiously will reduce the pain on your shoulder.

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