Fruit Cream – Healthy Sugar Free Recipe

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Fruit Cream – Healthy Sugar Free Recipe

Do you crave for a yummy fruity treat ?

I have a sugar free version of it although it is not very low carb as fruits are high in carbs but having it once in a blue moon is not bad. After all there is one life to live 😀

It’s a very simple recipe where you can add fruits of your choice. I used mango for sweetness which is a must, rest of the fruits you can add as per your choice in fruit cream – healthy sugar free recipe.

So here we go 🙂

 Fruit Cream

Fruit Cream - Healthy Sugar Free Recipe


  • Full fat Fresh Cream- 2 cups(200 grams)

  • Banana- 1 medium

  • Apple- 1 medium

  • Mango– 1 medium

  • Mango puree- 1 mango puree

  • Cashews- 6

  • Almonds- 6


  • Wash and cut all the fruits into 1 cm pieces.
  • Cut dry fruits into small pieces.
  • Mix the cut fruits and dry fruits with the cream mixture.
  • Refrigerate it for two hours and serve cold.

paleo fruit cream low carb

Your fruity treat is ready .It has sweetness of fruits but no sugar..Try it out and let me know 🙂

Nutritional Information

  • Calories – 1210

  • Net Carbs – 101

  • Fat – 88

  • Protein – 9

Do you have any other low carb version of fruit cream?