Fully Organic Indian States


Indian States That Have Gone Fully Organic

Organic farming is basically a process of farming practiced free of chemical pesticides and thus creates a harmonic balance. Now, in order to decide the organic status of any state, the basic procedure is the calculation of the land in which organic farming is practiced.

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Recently, a list was provided by the Indian Ministry of Agriculture regarding the status of organic farming. It was found that organic production in the country is about 1.24 million tons while the area under which the organic farming is practiced is about 0.723 million hectare under certification. In India, Organic farming is done various states of which Sikkim and Mizoram constitutes the largest part.

Fully Organic Indian States

Some of the Fully Organic Indian States are:

1. Sikkim

Long ago in the year of 2003, the process of organic production started in the state of Sikkim. The Organic production in the state is practiced on about 75,000 hectares of land thus making it the first state of India to become fully organic. Recently, in December, 2015, the agricultural land was fully converted into certified organic fully land. The state also got a legal certification of becoming fully organic in January, 2016.

2. Mizoram

Basically, Organic farming is one step forward to keep a harmonious balance with a series of ecosystems and is free of chemical pesticides. After Sikkim, the state that is nearest to become fully organic is Mizoram. In the year 2004, Mizoram Legislative Assembly has passed the Mizoram Organic Farming Bill. Due to less imports of chemical inputs, the state of Mizoram is having the largest scope of successful organic farming.

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3. Kerala

Kerala is a state with a large area where farming is practiced. With the success of Organic Farming in the state of Sikkim, it has been gaining popularity in Kerala also. The chemical pesticides and fertilizers are phased out from the farming sector by restricting the use of chemical inputs. The aim of the state is to convert a minimum of 10% cultivation land into organic one is being achieved throughout.

4. Maharashtra

Due to enormous number of demand of organic products in the market, more farmers are now shifting to organic farming in the state of Maharashtra. The land under cultivation is about 200 lakh hectares and is slowly converting into land on which only organic farming will be practiced. The Maharashtra government had made their minds and thus has announced a special policy for organic farming indicating the use of natural local resources and carrying out production free of chemical pesticides.

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5. Karnataka

It has been often observed that a product which comes with a healthy tag is always a bit costlier than the one which comes with an unhealthy tag. But in the state of Karnataka, the government has taken one step forward by providing the financial help to the farmer’s thus encouraging them to practice organic farming. This will result in the availability of healthier products in the market at much affordable rates. The budget for this project was set at Rs. 200 crore.

Other than this, the government of various states such as Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Uttarakhand etc. are encouraging the practice of Organic Farming thus making people of India more and more healthy.

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