Fun Ways To Exercise And Lose Weight


Fun Ways To Exercise And Lose Weight

Hello Peeps,

How is the weekend going ? Aaaha, its a loooong weekend ! I had so many plans for the weekend and executed none 🙁

I just want to lie down and do nothing over weekends lol. In short words, I meant to say that I usually miss to workout over weekends 🙁 . I wanted a change in workout for weekends so that I remain motivated. Exercising always in the conventional way can be mundane and monotonous. It needs a lot of discipline to keep working out. If you are overweight, workouts may become a daily chore forced upon you, rather than a fun activity.

Here are some Fun Ways To Exercise And Lose Weight

1. Swimming

types of swimming

Swimming is a full body workout. Its a savior for people who love water. Its enjoyable especially during summers. You can burn as many as 800 calories per hour with swimming, who said yo can’t burn while you have fun 🙂 ?

One would take a month or so for learning to swim. With practice, you can swim longer laps , have fun and still lose weight. Swimming works great on arms and core, major problem areas for women.

2. Sports

Indulge in any sports you like. Sports keep you healthy and fit a lot of ways. Some of the effects of indulging in sports are –

  • Improved Stamina
  • Better metabolism
  • Healthy social life
  • Better psychological health

Few sports that build fitness are tennis, football, rowing , running etc.

3. Aerobics

aerobics weight loss

Aerobics can be done alone or in groups. Group aerobic sessions include dance aerobics, step aerobics, hop hop , cycling, spinning etc. Aerobics alone can be done using treadmill, cross trainer and step climber in gym or at home.

4. Zumba

Zumba- a dance workout ad its benefits 2

Zumba dance is all about grooving your body on the rhythm of music and losing weight. Zumba dance workout is famous for its benefits like weight loss, reduced stress, better coordination and having fun while working out.

5. Kickboxing

Top Exercises To Lose Weight kickboxing

Kickboxing is not only a great defense mechanism, its great to get ripped and own a sculped figure. It improves overall fitness level and flexibility of the body. Its a great calorie burning workout.

6. Bokwa


This is another dance form like Zumba. Although Zumba is more popular, Bokwa is picking up. Its an intense group dance, fun and fitness both 🙂 .

My pick from the list is Aerobics, step aerobics or dance aerobics, not sure yet !

What is your fun way to exercise and lose weight?

P.S – If nothing workout, I will perhaps turn on my TV and will dance on Bollywood numbers 😉

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