3 Funny Things That Happen When You Become Health Monster


3 Funny Things That Happen When You Become Health Monster

Hello Everybody,

Happy Sunday. Although Sundays bring a lot of joy of some people’s faces, it reminds me of Mondays and I remain in my denial mode lol 😛 . What’s your plan for weekend? Did you watch “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” ? I am yet to watch, so please do share reviews if you have already watched 🙂

Since today is Sunday, here is a fun post that would certainly bring smiles on your faces 🙂 . Let’s begin –

3 Funny Things That Happen When You Become Health Monster

When you begin to bring discipline in your life and implement the first rule – sleeping early and waking up early, you just can’t sleep over the weekend too. You body clock messes up so badly(in a good way) that your eyes begin to shut by 9pm and you can’t sleep late till morning. Does body clock understand that its weekend. NOoooo, That a real FML huhhh!

I am writing this post at 8 am this Sunday morning, you will be reading it at 12:00 pm today. I slept at 1 am yesterday and I woke up at 7 am. What the hell, Grhhh^&*^*&^&^ .

No matter how early or late I sleep, I just can’t sleep till late in the morning. I sleep by 10 pm on the week days and its so embarrassing that I feel sleepy during weekend late night parties while everyone is having fun 🙁 . Lord dear lord, please spare my weekends and let me live my life !

funny body timings

When you begin to eat clean, your favorite food becomes your enemy and laughs at you 🙁 . The more you try to escape, the faster it runs towards you.

My pizza haunts me every weekend 🙁 . I like thin crust pizza with loads of veggies and cheese. That’s ok because I am low carbing;I can eat the topping. What about the pasta – aglio olio? OMG it has become a night mare, can’t have 🙁 .On tops, I spend the entire week day eating clean and a friend pops up from nowhere and announces – Its pizza part today. I killed him, well nearly!

When you are really serious about health, you OBSESS about it no matter how hard you avoid.

funny health jokes india

Do I need to explain?

These were my top 3 funny things that happen with almost everyone when they become health conscious. What is the most funny thing happened to you? Share with us.

Happy Sunday

Time to get a morning tea, loads of love, Tarun

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